Pups and Proposal: Part III – The Proposal

Pups and Proposal: Part III – The Proposal

The story of how it all happened.
Pups and Proposal: Part III – The Proposal



It’s actually ‘Say Yassssssss To T.E.A,’ Sienna Brown informed everyone in exaggerated enunciation, as she spoke into the microphone and smiled.  If there is anyone who knows how to capture an audience, it’s her. Every person in the room was quiet, paying attention and hanging onto her every word. “I’m so happy to have all of […]

Food For Healthy Skin!

A mildly appropriate photo utilized for the sake of today’s topic — no make up and an excited face ready to talk about healthy things! This is a picture of myself in the backroom of a doctor’s office I used to intern for in the beginning of the year. When I first made my big […]

Foodie Photography

And I present to you, photos from a New Yorker female-foodie.     Tis’ true. I photograph my food too, but not excessively; especially when quality is everything. Thus, shown in this photo above are your semi-traditional sliders. However, what makes them a bit non-traditional is the fact that they are whiting (fish) sliders (instead […]

A Spice(y) Experience!

Last evening, some of the women of my family and I got together to chat over an early dinner at this chic Thai restaurant called Spice, located on 13th street near 14 Street-Union Square in NYC. The Three Flavor Salmon (which is a well-sized salmon filet with Thai spicy tamarind sauce and stir-fried mixed vegetables) […]

I Wouldn’t Eat That If I Were You…

Many individuals haven’t a clue what they’re ingesting on a daily basis.  From fast foods to even some of the highest qualities of food (due the way it is prepared) which have our digestive systems out of whack. The Food and Drug Administration and other agencies spend lots of time and energy to make sure […]

Buffalo Chicken Soup

While my favorite season may be titled as “Fall or Autumn,” I have another name for the season of the year that makes me feel all warm and joyful inside. It’s called: Soup Season ♥! The soup being featured this week is not only healthy, but it’s a tad bit more tasty with a little […]