—— No Make Up November Beauties of the Week! ——


No Make Up November Beauties of the Week began as an inspirational idea influenced by the month of Movember.

In an effort to raise awareness for a cause in a somewhat different category — that of beauty, one of which more-so pertains to the female population of the world, the idea and concept of: No Make Up November Beauties, was born.


No Make Up November goes deeper than simply baring an evident face free of make-up.
It is a celebration of self-confidence and love towards one another, and most importantly ourselves.
It breaks the barriers of race or ethnicity.
It surpasses the bounds tied to us by what we believe are limitations, set upon us by the world.
We are all indefinably brilliant in our design.
Our best representation of beauty is that which is within us and not with-out.
One of the most profound ways to show this is by taking a step in a direction which expresses confidence in who we are without a mask.
Whom we were made to be without foundation, concealers and tinted creams.

Thus, without further adieu, I present to you the women of this month of November 2013, putting their beautiful faces forward and giving the world a glimpse of their honorable natural beauty:

Week 1
Week 2

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