My Big MOVE!

Ascending Songstress A Photography   Chicago has been so good to me, but — my gosh, the time has come to move on! I am excited to the point of exasperation and I’m so glad to be taking you all with me. Where it is that I’m moving is someplace I’ve never lived before — […]


Sit Down And Think.. Or Nah?

By nature, I am less of an impulsive individual and more of a.. “think-it-through-10x’s-over-before-I-do-anything,” kind of person. But every now and then, I jump out of my shell of safety and weighted thought to seize the moment of being spontaneous. Lately, I’ve felt myself leaning more towards exercising this — sometimes fearless and sometimes foolish, […]


He Did It!

A HUGE congratulations to my younger brother, Anthony, for successfully graduating from high school. I was completely honored to be able to fly out to California to support and celebrate your accomplishment! I cannot wait to see what else life has in store for you. Dad would be very-very proud.