When I See You Again

When I See You Again

By this point of our lives, I’m sure we’ve all had someone whom we’ve missed dearly, who has either gone away for a period of time, or returned home and completed their journey here on earth. However, I am here to address the former — thankfully, as it has to do with the man in […]

We Met on A Sunday…

We Met on A Sunday…

On a sunny morning at a Starbucks up the street. I’d brought my laptop and a small pile of work — when I noticed him walk in. If I remember correctly, he was dressed in jeans with a gray hoodie and a dark blue hat. When our eyes met, he smiled at me.. and the […]

Congruent Thought

“When Jesus said “Love your enemies,” maybe He even meant those parts of ourselves with which we’re not yet at peace.” — Gabriel HaMalakh

Professional Hairstylist: Katherine Watterson

  For me, it isn’t enough to have an “okay,” hair dresser who provides “okay,” services, and delivers “okay” customer satisfaction. Having natural hair is already enough of a day-to-day challenge in regards to frequently caring and styling my hair. And if your texture is anything like mine, (tight-coils, medium thickness/semi-coarse) then you’d understand that […]

Leading by Example: First Lady Michelle Obama for Vogue’s 2013 April Cover!

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, the Flotus of the U.S from 2008-now. Raised on the South Side of Chicago, Michelle attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School before returning to Chicago to work at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her future husband, and  United State’s Commander and Chief, Barack Obama. Popular with famous folks like talk-show host and money mogul Oprah, […]

A few things I wish I’d known sooner:

It’s the older music, the classic songs that still hold true meaning and depth of lyricized love, truth, heartbreak, or what have you, in their sound. Current music? Not so much anymore.   Everyone has their own time for everything, be it person, a place to be, or an occurrence to partake in their lives.   Sometimes […]

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes..   So say yes. To coffee in the morning. Or tea.   Say yes to someone’s fumbling attempt at kindness.   Say yes to saying what you’re afraid to say.   Say yes to being bold and appearing uncool and revealing just how deep you’re in it.   Say yes to the […]

Well Done Michelle: Michelle Obama Ignites Crowd At the 2012 DNC!

According to CNN, ‘If Barack Obama is re-elected on November 6, he will owe more to his first lady than any president ever to win a second term.’ Michelle’s constant use of the word love, paired with her personal stories helped connect the First Family to the lives of millions of American’s looking for hope and […]

WOTD(114) Backmasking

Noun.  The instinctive desire to see someone as you knew them in their youth; a form of deep reminiscing or reflection on the past.