20-something, west coast based blogger-photographer. As if that isn't cliché enough, I've somehow managed to become engaged to one, pretty gosh-darn exceptional man, adopt and accept the role as dog-mother of three happy pups, and travel a bit — which I could always use more of. When I'm not spilling words into a blog post, I can be found working like a mad-woman, stuffing my face with chocolate, and/or deciding if paying for another month of Netflix is really worth it this time. I holistically embrace life, one asana, book and cup of tea at a time. And, by the Grace of God, I do my best to lead every day with wisdom, understanding and strength — though my finances and life structure may not always reflect this. Truthfully, I am a continual work in progress; appreciative towards my life-long journey into... well, life. If you're reading this, which you totally should be, welcome to my blog.