About Me


Captured by Tomi from The Photo Crew (www.ThePhotoCrew.Productions)

I am a 20-something, west coast based blogger-photographer.
As if that isn’t cliché enough, I’ve somehow managed to become engaged to one, pretty gosh-darn exceptional man, adopt and accept the role as dog-mother of three happy pups, and travel a bit — which I could always use more of.


When I’m not spilling words into a blog post, I can be found working like a mad-woman, stuffing my face with chocolate, and/or deciding if paying for another month of Netflix is really worth it this time.
I holistically embrace life, one asana, book and cup of tea at a time.
And, by the Grace of God, I do my best to lead every day with wisdom, understanding and strength — though my finances and life structure may not always reflect this.

Captured by Tomi from The Photo Crew (www.ThePhotoCrew.Productions)

Truthfully, I am a continual work in progress; appreciative towards my life-long journey into… well, life.
If you’re reading this, which you totally should be, welcome to my blog.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. bellacoils says:

    Thanks for the follow! Like the variety in your posts!

  2. FaNtEzI19 says:

    😡 VeRy NiCe 😡 i LoVe YoU
    THaNk YoU

  3. Love your blog. Discovered it by a curation sent to me by Pinterest. I love the city/central station image with the glass and people moving in it. How can I use or license that image for a project we’re doing on cities. Thanks.

    1. Songstress A says:

      Oh, why thank you. I’m humbled, Mr. Philip. And if you’re referring to the glasses with the moving photo inside of Grand Central Station in New York. If you don’t mind sending a quick email inquiry to songstressaw@gmail.com, I can send the photo right over to you. You have my permission to utilize it however you see fit; as it is public intellectual property.

  4. Lola says:

    I love your blog. Welcome to Chicago!

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