Sur La Table – Our First Cooking Class

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Car ride to the cooking class 🙂

When we started dating, the first time I came over to Cole’s place and took a peek inside of the fridge, I almost shed a tear. Subway wrappers, a jug of milk and maybe some packages of spinach were the contents of this man’s refrigerator. Growing up with a mom and dad who cooked almost every meal — which I appreciate so much more now, being an adult, I was very accustom to having fresh fruit and veggies in our home. We always had a variety of snack and tons of healthy alternatives when we were hungry.
Opening my then boyfriend’s cabinets displayed an array of Ramen Noodles and Minute Rice. It took a lot of discretion not to judge him for, what I believed, were poor eating habits.

Needless to say, the beginning months of our relationship were spent dining out, together. And well…we both knew things couldn’t go on like this forever. So, it didn’t take too long before our day-dates turned into shopping-for-household-items-dates. Soon we were trading disposable plastic forks and spoons for actual silverware, bowls, glasses and plates. And, I cooked tons of food for him so that, even when I wasn’t over, he’d have something more to eat than a microwaved meal.

Now look how far we’ve come!
This cooking class helped set the stage for his first time prepping, cooking and eating food we successfully made together!


This date night cooking class, hosted by Sur La Table and taught by Chef Zapo, was titled:
Passport to Italy.
We and a handful of other couples learned how to make a delicious Pickled Melon Arugula Burrata Salad, Grilled Salmon with a Basil Vinaigrette, a Farro with Grilled Zucchini, and an amazing Fresh Fig and Raspberry Crostata for dessert!
The photos of our nom-licious 3-course meal make me excited to try them again, at home.


I’m very proud of him for taking this leap into the Culinary world with me.
And while I don’t expect him to be the world’s next Top Chef, he seemed to really enjoy the experience.
And honestly, that’s all I could ask for.

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