Pups and Proposal – Part 1: The New House

Hey! Hi-there.
How have you been?

Now that we’re past the small talk…
My goodness gracious! — Where do I begin?!
Three whole months of radio silence on the blog, and I believe I better explain myself as best I can.

There have been so many events, life decisions, changes and new obstacles/challenges to overcome and learn from. And those have been just a few things engulfing my spare-time, sleep-time, food-time — basically, my life(time), over these past few months.
However, now that I’ve had a chance to come up for air, I’d love to give you a little insight as to what’s been going on!

Thus, shall I begin with Cole and I moving into our first house/home together, adopting our 3rd puppy and what we decided to name him, or The Proposal? — I know. A lot, right?
Let’s begin at the.. well, beginning.
And since it’s a lot of information, I’ll break these life chapters down into parts.

Part I: The House.


Now, let’s be honest.
You may have visited/vacationed in California, and I’m sure you spent a pretty penny while here, didn’t you?
But, can you imagine living in CA?

Outside of New York (and I’ve lived there before, too), California is one of the most expensive places to reside in the United States; with a cost of living at 30% above the national average.


So, if you’re living here in your early 20’s and you aren’t already splitting rent 4-ways with your 3 other roommates, living in a box of an apartment, or still shacking up with the parents, I’d suggest you and your significant other (if in a serious and committed relationship) begin discussing possible move-in dates.
Because, with property values and taxes on the rise, it just makes sense.

Cole and I, and our (then) two dogs, wouldn’t have survived in anyone’s 1 bedroom, 1 bath, apartment. There wasn’t enough room at my old place or his, for us or our pups to be happy/have their own space.


And that is why, on April 24th, 2015, we moved into our new house, together!

Now, I could totally tell you that our first process of moving was a breeze.
That-how, Cole and I thought packing everything the night/day before the move, would work.
That everyone was smiling by the end, and our new home looked like the ending of a House Hunter’s Renovation, episode.
And, if I told you that, it would all be:

Moving was a nightmare. Plain and simple.
By the end of the move, Cole and I barely had enough energy to speak to one another.
Not only was there a lot of heavy lifting involved for the both of us, but we spent an additional 6 hours deep cleaning Cole’s apartment from 10pm at night, to 4 o’clock in the morning — only to find out that a broom-swept job would’ve done the trick to complete our departure.

However, we did manage to pack-up/breakdown and move all of our belongings into a U-Haul, and (messily) into the new place in a little over 24hrs, without a wink of sleep.
Yes. We. Did.

I cried when it was all over, due to extreme exhaustion and the back and forth driving.
By the end of the move, with tired eyes, I dragged my feet into our new kitchen and made Cole and I an oven pizza — only for us both to fall asleep halfway through eating it at 6am.

But my goodness was it worth it!
With 3 bedrooms and an additional bathroom, an actually living room, plenty of fenced yard space, an in-home washer and dryer, central heat and air, a larger kitchen with seemingly unlimited cabinet space and our dream refrigerator included, our house has definitely become a place we both love coming home to.
And the dogs are in heaven — which is probably one of the most rewarding parts.

Speaking of dogs…
That brings us to Part 2 of Pups and Proposal.
Be sure to visit the blog tomorrow morning for the name of which Cole and I decided upon for our new German Shepard puppy:

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