It’s actually ‘Say Yassssssss To T.E.A,’ Sienna Brown informed everyone in exaggerated enunciation, as she spoke into the microphone and smiled.  If there is anyone who knows how to capture an audience, it’s her. Every person in the room was quiet, paying attention and hanging onto her every word.

“I’m so happy to have all of these people here, tonight.” she continued, “It really is a blessing.”


And that’s exactly what that night was: A Blessing.
A blessing to be in a space where the music was vibin’, the people were excited, expressive, respectful and social. It was pretty awesome to understand that everybody who showed up, was there to show support for their fellow artist.
And of course, sip some T.E.A.
(Not gonna lie — the tea was THE bomb)

For those of you who don’t know, Say Yas To T.E.A is more than simply giving confirmation to how awesome that tea was — because again, it was really good — but-no, seriously, what T.E.A actually
stands for is:

   Talk. Eat. Art.

This beautiful event, gathering of people, get-together — whatever you’d like to call it, was an uplifting, tasteful and urbanized experience of an open mic-night remixed with a fantastic display of every kind of art you can imagine.

From paintings and their artists, to singer and songwriters, creators and designers, film makers and photographers, story tellers and so much more, Say Yas To T.E.A was the place to be that Sunday night.

One of my most favorite things about Say Yas To Tea, were the performances.
Due to the fact that Cole and I were on C.P Time (and driving to L.A from San Diego), we missed, what I heard, was an awesome storytelling performance.

However, the showcases we were able to witness were nothing short of amazing.
And while I definitely give several rounds of applause to ALL of the artists, singers and performers at Say Yas to T.E.A, I have to give a standing ovation to one of the hostesses — Katherine Hanna, a.k.a — Amal Marie; a.k.a the Egyptian Goddess — a.k.a the Young Woman I’ll Never Forget.
The face and founder of “Say Yas.”

Ms. Katherine was as refreshing as she was comical.
She did such a phenomenal job keeping the audience entertained.
To say that by the end of the night, she had us all wrapped around her finger, would be a vast understatement.
There was even a moment during her hosting where the audience kept asking her to sing.
The way she diverted the request, so cool-and-calm-like, was pretty freaking classy.
And though she escaped the first handful of requests that she received from the audience, eventually she did gave the people what they wanted and sang us an original piece by her, called, ‘I Lied.’


The funny thing was, Cole and I hadn’t planned to stay until the end (because of the drive), until we experienced all that Katherine, Sienna and all of the other great performances had to offer.
By the end of Say Yas To Tea, I felt like I had tingles in my fingertips — like I was floating on my way back to the car. That evening left me filled with new-found inspiration, love and admiration not only for the people I saw and met in that room, but for my own art.
It’s like, when you visit a chiropractor to re-align your back, that night I felt re-aligned to my art and what I truly loved about it.

Oh, and of course, I got to meet my blogger-fashionista-icon: Thaina

And, yes-yes — there’s a video.
Go ahead.
Click and enjoy my somewhat shaky camera work, strung together with a-lotta-heart, below.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 4.11.09 PM

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