Safari Adventure: Wild Animals Everywhere!

We were in a rush!
Not because either one of us had woken up late, or because of unexpected traffic, but because Yours Truly (me) — entered the wrong address into the GPS, and we were now sitting “at our destination,”  — but.. not exactly at the destination we thought we’d end up._MG_3034

But, let me go back a bit.

Since moving back to San Diego, everything has been a bit hectic for both Cole and I.
We’re both working on 10 different things at once, everyday — wrapping up degrees (and I looking at new artistic programs for next year), staying in shape/eating well, purchasing a new car — NOT to mention having a new puppy on my end, whom of which isn’t 100% potty trained, yet! *breathes*
Thus, we haven’t had an abundant amount of time for one another — like we did when we first started dating.
So, it was a bit odd to me when he asked me to block off my Friday from work.
All that week this man had asked me a handful of odd question, which made me suspicious of what he was planning — (he believe he’s the master of surprises).
Finally, the evening before, Cole began dropping hints about Friday.. just about to the point where I actually got him to tell me what was going on.

“You’re going to love the safari, babe!” he exclaimed.
“And..” he added, “You’ll be able to use your new lens, tomorrow.”
Had I ever been to a Safari Park? — No..
But-boy, was I excited? — Ohh-Yeah!

So, rather than going back to the beginning of this story and explaining how I entered the wrong address into the GPS, causing us to rush in the opposite direction, reschedule our already paid for caravan ride and meet and greet with the safari’s cheetah, I’ll leave you here with these photos of how we eventually made it there and had an awesome time:
_MG_2866 _MG_2888 _MG_2945_MG_2971

One of the perks to us having to reschedule our caravan ride, was that we had the pleasure of sharing the, usually 15-20 person (2hr-ride) with just one other couple; from the east coast. They were quite pleasant and very relaxed. We even took turns taking one another’s photos for each other.

And, what would an adventurous post be like without a video?
If you follow me on my Instagram –> @SongstressAW, you’d (eventually) come across two clips uploaded earlier in the week.
Below is the final composition of footage I captured during our visit to the Wild Life Safari Park in San Diego.

Hope that you enjoy watching, and thank you for reading, loves!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.58.09 AM

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