Today I Believe…


… that everyday should start out with a big cup of tea — vanilla-chia, if possible.

… that part of your 20’s will consist of financing things and earning yourself some debt — it’s okay; it isn’t the end of the world. (so long as you pay it back in a timely manner)

…that, within your lifetime, you will find someone whom you can be completely open, trusting and honest with about everything; and that having someone like that is pricelessly irreplaceable.

… that you should always have something(s) to bring to the table.

… that being “cute” was so 2014 — probably even 2013.

…that love is about the person. The whole of the person. And, it isn’t so much about the ‘parts’ of a person, rather than the whole of them. And, if you’re spending too much time analyzing the ‘parts’ of a person, then you don’t really like them.

…that the latest Fifth Harmony album is pretty gosh-darn catchy!

…that we all have the power to move on from situations — but finding the strength to let go thereafter takes a bit more time and healing — and that’s okay.

…that it’s better to forgive than to internalize the negativity of a ugly-ugly grudge.

… that pets, especially puppies, are a WAY bigger responsibility than television lets on.

… but also that, it’s totally worth it at the end of the day.


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