Potato Chip Rock!

Our first couple’s hike/double date!
Were we excited?
But, were we ready?
Uhh-mmh… probably not — at least not as ready as we thought we were in the beginning.
Keep reading, and let me explain:

Oh, Lake Poway.
This is the bottom of the trail.
Pretty, no?
You HAD to be there.
The scenery, air and breeze, people and energy of the whole place was beautiful!

The Potato Chip Rock is located at the peak of Mount Woodson in Poway, California.
Recently, the hike has become popular due to hikers posting creative images on Facebook and Instagram. The hike is approximately 8 miles roundtrip, though it feels more like 15 miles as the climb is 95% up-hill — equipped with steep hills and rocky paths most of the way to the top.

We took both of our pups.
Here is little Leo, the adorable and hyper-energized Rottweiler puppy belonging to Jim and Kelly; the couple we shared this mighty adventure with.
He was all bark and hype on the ride over.
Less than half way up, he showed many signs of wanting to turn back.
And, as we got closer and closer to the top of our climb, the four times we stopped for a break, I couldn’t really blame ’em.

There is only one place that has any real shade on the trail from here, it is a little tree about half way to the rock and it is a great place to relax. We sat at the spot with a few hiker whom explained to us that “this may seem like a half-way point, but you’ve got a ways to go!”

Before getting to the top though, we all took plenty of photos on our breaks — along with gulps of water for both us and our pups.

If getting to the top of this place didn’t feel like a victory, I don’t know what does.
When we finally, after about two-and-a-half-hours, reached Potato Chip Rock, there were several groups of victorious hikes waiting in line to take a photo on the cliff/rock.
(Once you get up there you will soon realize that it feels a lot more like a cliff than anything!
It’s a cliff, folks. It’s a cliff you’re standing on)

Cole was literally my superman that day.
I had a bit of trouble getting from the one rock that leads over to the thinner part of the cliff-part due to my height.. — and more or less my sudden fear of heights.
He insisted he go first and proceed to make sure I was safe when going to and from each rock.
I was relieved to be back on the ground once we were done.

When the newlyweds of the group took a leap of faith onto the rock (cliff), they were fearless!
Even with Jim playfully jumping on the slimmer part of the potato-chip-like-part of the rock, and startling his wife whom was — literally, on edge, they laughed it off coming down.


So, was this hike challenging?
Well, let’s just say, it’s been two days and I can still feel the soreness of my muscles.
But was it worth it?
Yes. It was totally worth it  🙂

A big thank you to Kelly, Jim and little Leonidas for inviting us.
The hike was a challenge both Cole, I and Dude enjoyed.
We hope to have more dates with you three!

And of course there’s video!
I couldn’t wait to use the new 40mm pancake lens during the trip.
Take a “peak” here:

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 7.25.20 AM

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