My First Valentine

…was initially my father.
Near or far, every February 14th I would have a Hallmark or e-card filled with colors of pink, red, white and animated hearts.
I looked forward to opening my email or checking the mailbox for a colorful card signed to me from him.


Since his passing the year before, on Valentine’s Day of 2014 I made my big move to Chicago.
From the chilly winter weather of Atlanta, to the windy city — and at the time, very snowy and icy, I flew to Chicago for a new job opportunity and new adventures.


Two weeks ago from today I made my final and permanent move to the west coast.
I’ve been a traveling maven for a few years now, and while the traveling shall surly not end here, it’s nice to lay some roots down of my very own in a sunny and warm place.
San Diego has always — in a sense, felt like home, and now, I have ventured away from family and close friends and moved out on my own — bye bye nest and hedge of safety.

Hello to the new, unknown and a big step into adulthood.


But onto the hearts and lovey-dovey-ness of this year’s (commercialized and socially acceptable day) of love! 🙂
(There’s a video at the end, so bear with me)

It should be known that one evening in January, when Cole drove me home that night, shortly after, he called with a very frantic and anxious undertone in his voice.
He said that he may have accidentally dropped his license in my driveway and that it was imperative that he have it before driving back home that evening.
So I hurriedly slipped on my house-shoes, turned on my phone’s flashlight feature and ran outside, hoping it was still there.
When I ran outside onto the porch, preparing to go down the first few steps,
there he was…
holding a big boutique of fresh flowers, two boxes of chocolates — one small and one big, and Marvin Gaye’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ playing in the background on his phone.
This was my first time being surprised in this way, and after he’d given me the flowers and chocolates, he asked if I would dance with him to the song.


His reasoning for doing this — when I asked him why, was not because of a day in the year or a celebrated occasion, but because he’d been wanting to give me flowers and chocolates for a while, and that evening just felt like the right moment.

Fast-forward to Valentine’s Day of this year, instead of flowers and chocolates, Cole surprised me with a handful of brand new gifts. The first being a Manfrotto 190XPROB Aluminum Tripod, (which, my camera people know how epic that was to hold in your hands!) A Canon Remote to control my camera and shoot photos without having to hold and shoot the camera myself, and a beautiful Canon 40mm prime lens.

IMG_2465 IMG_2467 IMG_2478

And outside of the cheesy and smile-baring presents I gave to him, his most favorite seemed to be the ones which filled his stomach. The breakfast we shared that morning, as well as the dinner we had together that evening.


And of course, as promised, (a short) video:
*because most of the day was spent together instead of filming* ^_^


  1. Maria Walker says:

    Where’s the video?


  2. Ash says:

    This is beautiful, I love the way you express yourself, it’s so pure and honest, it’s … wonderful.

    Liked by 1 person

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