Today I Believe…


… that love has a lot to do with recognizing the light of another person, and the admiration of that light.

…that Claude Debussy’s 2 Arabesques: No.1 in E Major, is one of the world’s most beautiful songs.

… that all the little things eventually add up — be them terrible or wonderful.

… that not all closure requires two people.

… that people are allowed their flaws just as much as you are allowed your own.

… that a 2+ hour phone call with an old friend can be just what you needed.

… that there is a difference between Feminist and Womanist — and I am a Womanist.

… that turning 21 (in the U.S) allots you to do a lot more with your life than legally indulging in alcohol.

… that ‘remembering to breathe,’ is both easily said and can be just as easily done.

… that there are truly men out there that rather a woman bare-faced than with make-up.

… that planning your life and future (hope, dreams, goals) with someone else can feel a little bit — or simply a lot bit, uplifting and hopeful.

… that taking a chance on a new adventure, even if only for a little while, can make a world of a difference in the outcome of your life’s path.

… that the world seems both bigger and smaller when you are watching the sun leave the sky at a day’s end.

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