Wintertime Weather

“We currently have the best weather in the country,” the weather man exclaimed from my television screen. “With a high of 73 degrees — yes I did say 73 degrees,” he continued, “it looks like today is definitely a day to be outside!”


A smile gently formed across my lips as I continued getting dressed that morning.
I’d been waiting to go to the beach for a few weeks now, and as I’d hoped, the weather predictions for this Friday rang true.

Now, fast forward through a handful of errands, a dentist appointment, lunch and a few other things to handle before diving head first into this holiday weekend, and here we are: The Beach in Coronado.

This was my first beach date of the year with my two boys, Cole and Dude
(our 7 month German Shepherd puppy)

Needless to say, we had an absolute blast!
Someone even volunteered to take our photo as we were leaving.
And though we were freezing by the end of the evening, we managed to muster through — teeth chattering and all.

And of course, there’s a video.
Happy Saturday, readers and follow bloggers!
I hope that you have a fantastic holiday weekend.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.08.31 AM


  1. Lerato says:

    I love the song , who sings it? Love the video !!!!


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