We Met on A Sunday…

On a sunny morning at a Starbucks up the street.

I’d brought my laptop and a small pile of work — when I noticed him walk in.
If I remember correctly, he was dressed in jeans with a gray hoodie and a dark blue hat.

When our eyes met, he smiled at me.. and the rest of this story unraveled into a two and half hour conversation which felt incomplete by the time one of us realized we had to go.


My Favorite Drink Order

One of the things I remember most about our first conversation was how much we both smiled when speaking to one another.
If you were a bystander that day, I’m sure we would’ve looked like a pair of old friends quoting the action and dialogue of old stories and memories.



There are some-days where, to me, Cole feels exactly like that.. an old friend — a close friend whom I’ve known for years; who also occasionally makes my cheeks blush and tummy flutter.


After we had our first date, he asked to take me out on a second date that following week.
Picking me up around 6pm, we spent that evening walking the shoreline of a beautiful beach as the sun was setting — which is also where he asked to hold my hand for the first time.
Thereafter, we went out for sushi, where we spoke more than we ate, and smiled more than we drank.


At the end of the night of our third date, while we sat in front of my place and talked, there was a break in the conversation — a few moments of natural and delicate silence. And, instead of awkwardly going in for a kiss, he instead looked me in  eyes, held my hands and asked me if I would do him the honor or being his girlfriend.

I remember saying the word “yes.” (more than once)
And afterwards, we shared our first kiss.


Obviously not our first kiss 🙂

Since then, Cole and I have invested in the wellbeing of not only ourselves as individuals, but also in our new relationship, together. This is the first serious relationship I’ve ever publicized.
And while we both plan to keep its public details transparent (at best), we’re confident that what’s meant to be kept private and scared between the two of us, will remain so.


Honestly, I’ve come to find that we’re a pretty simple couple, whom share a lot of strengths both within and outside of our relationship.
And while at times,  he’s a bit clumsy, and I, a total scatter brain, at the core, we’re both thoughtful;  always  sharing witty and intelligent conversations, and the last bite of a plate of food between us.
And, I admire that about us.

So, by the grace of God, I’m very hopeful that we will build a lasting partnership together.
And, at the end of the day, I am truly proud to have him by my side.


Oh, and that gray hoodie he was wearing when we first met?
It became the first sweater of his that he gave to me.

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  1. jadajacinda says:

    Beautiful story. Continue to grow in love together.
    I wish nothing but the most for the both of y’all. ❤


  2. beesosimple says:

    Love this. Amazing story. Wishing all the best in your relationship


  3. Queen, this is such a beautiful story. You both have an amazing glow about you; I am sincerely taken back by the simplicity yet, powerful aura swirling around you two via the photos you share…and now, the story of how you guys met!


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