My Big MOVE!

Songstress A Photography


Chicago has been so good to me, but — my gosh, the time has come to move on!
I am excited to the point of exasperation and I’m so glad to be taking you all with me.

Where it is that I’m moving is someplace I’ve never lived before — and to frank, I’ve lived in a few different states throughout my lifetime.
Originally a north-eastern girl, I’ve resided in major cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, and Chicago.


So, where is it that you’re moving, you ask?
I’ll give you a couple of hints:

  • This city’s current populous is 2.16 million+ people — making it the 4th most populated city in the US.
  • It has a humid-subtropical climate + is located in the southern part of the country.
  •  It’s known for everything being BIGGER

If you guessed Texas, then you’re right!

Thus, should I have any bloggers or readers who live around the Houston-Metro area, I’d love to connect.
I’m rather new here, and networking with good company is always a plus on my end!

My first full month being here is slowly approaching, and I think I’m getting the hang of this awkward heat 🙂

Yet, until then, Happy Saturday!
I hope that you’re enjoying your weekend.

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