My First Wedding!


It was a day unlike any other — or rather, I was up way earlier than usual for a Saturday — packing up my living space.
*(I’ll be moving to a new place. Reveal-location begin featured on the blog in a few days!)*
And in the midst of my packing I received a call from one of my photographer friends, asking me if I’d join him and
Mr. Andrew Clifton, as an assistant-(assistant)-photographer for a wedding, happening in a few hours.


Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Mr. Clifton, here’s some of his wedding work:

 So, needless to say, though it was totally a last minute proposition, I threw on the simplest, yet some-what chic(est) dresses I had laying around amongst my mess, packed my camera equipment and booked it out of the door.
By the time I arrived at our meeting spot, everyone was more than ready to go.

The wedding we photographed was located in Michigan City, Indiana.
The drive up from Chicago, northward, was glorious.
The day was warm with sunshine and a welcoming breeze that danced throughout the day.


The Flower Girl
Photographed by: Alexandria Walker (Songstress A)

I had the pleasure of helping to photograph all of the members of the wedding party — all of them kind and beautiful individuals.
And the ceremony itself.. well, that was absolutely perfect.
Below are a few more photos from the wedding that I captured, and am posting with the consent of Mr. Clifton.


The Bride: Dionne
Photographed by: Alexandria Walker (Songstress A)


The Father Giving His Daughter Away
Photographed by: Alexandria Walker (Songstress A)


The Exchanging of Vows
Photographed by: Alexandria Walker (Songstress A)


Husband and Wife: Dionne & Darren
Photographed by: Alexandria Walker (Songstress A)

This being my first wedding, made me excited for the opportunities to someday shoot my own, with a team by my side.
My sincerest of appreciation to everyone involved.
The experience is one of which will forever be a milestone for me, as a growing photographer and artist.

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