Sit Down And Think.. Or Nah?


By nature, I am less of an impulsive individual and more of a.. “think-it-through-10x’s-over-before-I-do-anything,” kind of person. But every now and then, I jump out of my shell of safety and weighted thought to seize the moment of being spontaneous.

Lately, I’ve felt myself leaning more towards exercising this — sometimes fearless and sometimes foolish, characteristic.
The results?
Crazy liberating!

Taking leaps into the unknown can be frightening and blur the trust we have within our decision making, but isn’t that part of personal growth; taking chances?
Especially the ones with no guarantee or promise of an ideal outcome?
I’d like to think so.

But, you know what’s kind of funny..?
Love can make you so courageous, sometimes.
Maybe this renewed(ly) discovered ability to let down my guard and take advantage of the what lies in front of me, is because of the new kind of love that has developed it’s way into my life.

photo (25)

I tried espresso the other day for the first time at a modern-classic coffee shop in the city.
And while I may never do that again on an empty stomach, the beauty of my cup and the warmth of the person sitting beside me made the entire experience memorable in a way I’ll never want to forget.

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