Kidecals: Delightfully Versatile!

Helped Deck Out My Keyboard!
It’s true!

Not too long ago, I received a very pleasant email from one of the founders of the Kidecals company and brand, in request of a product review. And, since you all understand that I have a strict 100% Honesty, review policy, I promise to tell you how I really feel about any and all product and services I’ve received. 

After-all, my job isn’t to sell you things, but rather direct you in the direction of items I feel you’d enjoy!

Love Roses Ombre Mix & Match:


I chose the Love Roses Ombre Mix & Match keyboard sticker set due to the fact that spring is among us, and also because I wanted something that would match the blue shell on the exterior of my MacBook Pro.
Needless to say, I am not disappointed with the finalized outlook of  my keyboard.
Not only are they even more vibrant in person, but they match perfectly!

**The only thing I would have to point out about these keyboard stickers, which may be a small issue for some people, is the “self assembly” task, that obviously must be done with this product. Placing each small sticker on each key is ever-so slightly time consuming; about a half and hour, or so — because, I myself,  am little OCD about precession. Thus, if you do decide to invest in these babies, make sure you’ve taken a little time out for yourself to adjust the colorful stickers onto your keyboard.

I’ve had the stickers on my keyboard for about a week now, and I can honestly say that my fingers have gotten used to the smoother texture of my keyboard; although they still sometimes search for the familiar bump of the F and J keys. 

Ultimately, I really do like this product, and since every keyboard set is printed on premium quality removable vinyl with a non-residue acrylic adhesive that’s ideal for delicate surfaces, they are easily removable and won’t harm keys.
(Ah, yeah!)

KideCals Keyboard Stickers = 9/10

If you find yourself interested in this universally unique product, please, feel free to visit the site, and utilize the code fashion for an extra 15% off of your purchase!


  1. carmenveal says:

    Thanks for sharing! These colors makes me so happy!


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