Opal Ocean Iris

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 10.35.14 AM

She’s got an ocean hidden in her soul
Only she can see when the storm is swelling.

Hazel eyes like opal gemstones that can’t decide
What color they want to be, so they blend them all.

She is as undecided as her iris, and she does not mind

Neither do I –

So she invited me to her shore, where I
Willingly walked into her rip current.

If I had to spend my life adrift at sea, I would only
Feel safe in her water.
Calm beneath her waves.

Australia behind her eyelids, she is cool wind

She is warm weather.
She looks like forever
And she feels like it too.
She’s got an ocean, and all I’ve got is a belief
That I am swimming in truth.

Poem composed by: Paul Mathias II : Instagram - Augxxpa (Thank you again!)
Photographed by: Funto. O

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