Quotes That Float


“Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.
We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem.
We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.”
— Iyanla Vanzant

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.”
— Pema Chödrön

“May your choices reflect your hopes,
Not your fears.”
— Nelson Mandela

“The more you need people to agree with you, the less open you are to what they think, feel, and believe. You cannot share with them because you are trying to change them, and they cannot share with you because you are not listening.”
— Gary Zukay

“When confidence relies on beauty, bad days for the body become bad days for the mind. Girls’ sense of worth crumbles, leaving them insecure and ignorant as to how to handle it; emphasizing beauty as a requirement for self-love means that the absence of beauty must lead to an absence of love. Teaching girls how to avoid these days is impossible, teach them to handle these days. Teach girls that they are funny, smart, engaging, compassionate, kind, insightful and valuable, and then figure out a better way to teach them that, if they want to, they can feel beautiful, too.” 
Stop Telling Me I Am Beautiful, Suzanne

“I never wish to be easily defined. I’d rather float over other people’s minds as something strictly fluid and non-perceivable; more like a transparent, paradoxically iridescent creature rather than an actual person.”
— Franz Kafka

“The way I regard those who hurt me today will affect how I experience the world in the future. In any encounter, we have a choice: we can strengthen our resentment, or our understanding and empathy. We can widen the gap between ourselves and others or lessen it.”
— Pema Chödrön

“There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself.”
—Laurell K. Hamilton

“The ability to honestly and quietly reflect on one’s life is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth.”
— Richard Carlson

“You don’t measure love in time. You measure love in transformation. Sometimes the longest connections yield very little growth, while the briefest of encounters change everything. The heart doesn’t wear a watch – it’s timeless. It doesn’t care how long you know someone. It doesn’t care if you had a 40 year anniversary if there is no juice in the connection. What the heart cares about is resonance. Resonance that opens it, resonance that enlivens it, resonance that calls it home. And when it finds it, the transformation begins…”
— Jeff Brown

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