Thinking Beyond the Normality of Yourself

Chelsea Perett – Veganism.

“What’s really important is that we have the ability to be available, to hear things that we’re not used to hearing, to see things in new ways. A spiritual teaching should actually challenge us, challenge our views, challenge the way we think. If it simply conforms to our views and the way we think, it’s really not any good to us, because it will just reinforce our illusions of separation and superiority.”
– Adyashanti

For nearly the past five years, I have made it a habit to — for lack of a better term, impose my dietary views of a vegetarian lifestyle on those around me. And as I think about this now in retrospect, it makes me a bit uneasy.

Expressing to others that I am a Vegetarian, and that I do NOT eat meat, was more or less done-so in a very, ‘holier than thou’ way.

And while I do understand that everyone can be this way — prideful and perhaps even slightly arrogant about something habitually set in stone in their lives, it doesn’t make it excusable.
It also isn’t a justification which null and voids us from occasionally asking ourselves why we think or act this way — where this idea originally came from, and why we’ve made it a part of our lives.

It isn’t a crime to utilize that very major vessel of your body — your brain that is.
You’re using it right now to read this post — which is very cool of you; thank you.

Nonetheless, the moral of the story is considerably more or less to be cognitive of your thoughts and reasons behind the leadings of your life.

More people will be willing to listen and sometimes even accept what it is you think and/or say if you are respectable about your presentation towards them.


Hope you all are staying warm wherever it is that you may be!

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