Had A Bad Day?

Listen along as you read: Click the first photo for the original version and the second photo for the extended version with a bonus track.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds – The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos OST (2009)


Whenever I’ve had a rough day, because yes I have those too, I often pray and/or turn to outlets of art as forms of aid and relief. And so, when I’m in a place I know I can begin to rediscover inner peace, this is the song I play.

This soundtrack, composed by Jason Swinscoe and the highly acclaimed Cinematic Orchestra, is a collection of brilliant jazz and classical orchestral infused songs. In short, while the entire album is a genre-defying masterpiece of arrangements, it’s single composition: “Arrival of the Birds” takes the cake as one of the most poetic, heartfelt and ground breaking songs I’ve ever heard.


From it’s soul embracing tinkering of bells and brass instruments, to it’s dramatic crescendos of strings (ah, yes the strings!) Every moment of this track makes any of my harshly upset and frustrated emotions feel altogether meaningless; translating them into what I can only describe as what beauty must feel and sound like.

It’s a 2:37 song well worth the listen through any electronic device, or a pair of headphones. And, if you happen to have a surround sound system in your vehicle or humble abode, that’s even better.

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