Tuesday Tunes:

My Top Tunes for this week: Click on the lyrics to hear the tune for yourself!


Song: Daydream||Artist: Tori Kelly||Album: Foreword EP

Key Lyrics:

Tried almost everything still spinning around
But one thing you haven’t tried is erase every doubt
Keep both feet on the ground while your head’s in the clouds
And when you feel like giving up listen to these sounds
And make sure you

Don’t quit your daydream.


Song: You’ve Changed||Artist: Kelly Rowland Ft. Beyonce & Michelle Williams||Album: Talk A Good Game

Key Lyrics:

I can say I’m done in a million ways.
But let’s not beat around the bush,
Let’s cut to the the chase.

When you changed I changed.

esperanza spalding 61wl65INXxL__SS500_

Song: Precious||Artist: Esperanza Spalding||Album: Esperanza Spalding

Key Lyrics:

Love me or leave me but please don’t deceive me
And say you love me how I am.
You love the way I fit some ideal,
Not the real woman you’ve yet to understand.
See love ain’t all heaven, and I am no angel,
But I do the best I can.

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