No Make Up November!

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In honor of “No Shave November,” or ‘Movember,’ — ‘an annual, month-long event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities.’ With a little inspiration from my friend Sienna (Jewsie) and other fantastic women alike, I have decided to celebrate the month of November in a likewise, however, more feminine* way.

And thus, here on the blog, I bring you:
No Make Up November!

How I Got Started:

Now, don’t get wrong. I, myself would join the movement of participating in Movember.. if, (I could front and say that I don’t care about rocking a mustache) as a woman in American society, I’d come to terms with allowing my natural hair to abundantly grow upon my upper lip — but clearly, I have not. And that may take some time.

Nevertheless, there are other places we can go with this idea of bringing awareness to a positive cause! Like being make-up free and expressing our pride towards natural, cosmetic-less beauty!

This whole idea began after viewing one of my friend’s Instagram videos of her wearing no make up.

In the video she indicates that her goal for the month of November is to be free of make up, celebrating her natural beauty.
(Click on the video below)
Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 12.02.32 PM
Talk about instant inspiration, and a great idea!
She and many others have encouraged us ladies to take a break from packing our faces down and overwhelming our skin with the day-to-day wear of foundations, concealers, BB and CC creams and so on.

photo-32(Myself with an entire face of make-up for a NYFW event)

As of lately, I have been wearing make-up more often than usual.
From photo-shoot projects, to attending functions in different parts of New York and Atlanta, to hitting the town for a night out, this year alone I can honestly admit to personally buying more make up/working with more make up artists for their provided make up services, than I ever have in year’s past.
Perhaps this is a coming of age quality, or maybe because…


Growing up, I was NOT allowed to wear make-up, unless it was for a very special occasion.
I can remember all throughout high school feeling as though I was missing out because all of my girl-friends were wearing eye-liner and mascara, and beautiful tints of eyeshadow on their lids — I can recall thoughts of how unfair it all seemed.
I wanted to wear those things too!
However, being raised by a mother who forbid me to wear make-up ‘without a purpose,’ made this desire nearly impossible to fulfill.
BUT, like any other teenage girl endeavoring the grand climb which was her younger years of sweet adolescence, I was guilty of purchasing cosmetic products behind my mother’s back, applying it in the school’s bathroom before first period, rushing back to the bathroom at the end of my last class; cleaning it off as best I could before making a mad dash to my bus.


Now, was I always successful in my attempts to appear make-up less upon arriving home? Nope!
And in my case, it didn’t help that my mother was a stay-at-home-mom whose office was next to the front door I walked through everyday.
So, more often than not, I would get in trouble.
Eventually, however, I grew to accept my fate as a make-up-less maiden, and as it turns out; growing into my adulthood where I now can choose the way that I like to look, I hardly ever have the desire anymore to wear make-up, ever.

Present Day:

photo 2(4)

I’ve found a balance — a happy medium which has allowed me the confidence to step out without so much as a touch of foundation on my face, because I understand that my skin doesn’t need to be concealer approved to be lovely.
Along with my health conscious, vegetarian life-style, I’ve adapted to the idea that healthy skin is beautiful skin.
And this November, I’d like for you to realize that too!

As we progress as a generation, it is a vital necessity that we instill to ourselves and those around us that we are created wonderfully.
Most all standardized — commercialized beauty is a fraudulent actuality, and not something that we need to validate our lives by in order to maintain.
Make it a habit to shine light on positive imagery and self-love.
Each one, teach one.


Your skin doesn’t have to be boggled down with cosmetics of any kind to obtain a daily ‘glow’ or have a ‘stunning’ appearance.
Taking care of your body as a whole, eating richly nutritious foods, (which I’ll cover in another post), exercising, and making sure to wash your face (and body) to rid it of daily dirt and other pollutants, can give you a flatteringly gorgeous, au natural look — a happier and healthy complexion!


So, now there’s only one thing I have left to ask:
Will you be joining me this month, as a make-up free November(er), to help bring awareness to yourself and people alike that healthy skin is beautiful skin?

I hope so!

If you would like to have your photo featured on the Songstress A blog as a “No Make Up November Beauty of the Week,” please send your favorite make-up free selfie to the email provided for you below:
(Along with any additional information you’d like to provide like your social media handles: (twitter, instagram, websites or blogsites)!

photo 1(8) photo 1(7) afterlight(3)  _DSC0927

Until next time, loves.


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