Brunch With Felicia Leatherwood!


Felicia: After this photo we have to take a silly one. I love silly pictures with a little bit of flair!

Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist, Educator and Expert, Felicia Leatherwood and I at brunch together during the NNHWExpo weekend.

My time spent with Ms. Leatherwood, as well as the other naturalhair’ed ladies whom also attended the brunch, was completely heartwarming and fulfilling. I felt enlightened and uplifted as we all engaged in a group discussion which seemed to brighten the room. Felicia’s words were more than beautiful, but also honest as she spoke to the table. And, by the end of the brunch everyone was all smiles and excitement as we made our way back to our cars and to the rest of the day’s events!

Read more about Felicia Leatherwood on her website at:

More in depth post coming soon, including excerpts featuring Curly Nikki, along with some of the other brunch attendees from the Nashville Natural Hair and Wellness Expo volunteer team!

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