Professional Natural Hairstylist: Jennifer Lord


Does this photo not leave you in a bit of awe?

Even today in the 21st century with all of our gadgets and highly advanced technology, I am taken-a-back by how classically-chic beauty can be captured in a photograph.

Living here in the Big Apple, you’d think that you see it all; with everything that’s moving, spinning and causing friction in this city, day in and day out.

And then it happens!
You stumble upon a gem in the midst of all that’s going on.
A mirage of sorts that floats towards you like a vision.
One which is filled with astronomical talent, unequivocal drive, and the most contagious laugh and smile you’ve ever endearingly witnessed.

Yes, of course, I am speaking of the glorious and very stylish Jennifer Lord, herself.


Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

I met, Ms. Jennifer, (Lady J, Pro. Stylist JL), however you’d like to respectfully address this stunning natural hair connoisseur, a few days before New York Fashion week had officially begun.


And as you can guess, my natural hair needed some major TLC and professional care before I dove into the hectic and chaotic merry-go-round of that which is NYFW.

When I was introduced to Ms. Jennifer, our personalities clicked immediately.
She was welcoming, sincere and intelligent in a way that made you want to ask her if she knew what the meaning of life was.
And while I did my best to stray far away from diving into the depths of world philosophy, I did, instead, pile on the questions that I knew to ask about natural hair; my natural hair in particular.


Ms. Jennifer was precise in explaining everything to me in full detail, emphasizing about natural haircare and how important it is to represent our love for our hair as women, especially as the generations proceed to grow.
“We want young ladies to know how beautiful they are, from the crowns they wear upon their hair, down to the tips of their toes.”
She felt that hair was just one of the way to greatly inspire the pride that we women wear on a daily basis.

As our conversation began to expand and grow in detail, Ms. Jennifer threw me a curve ball in which I’ll never forget…

Natural Hollywood

Natural Hollywood is a Magazine that serves as a FREE exclusive access medium to everything fabulous, trendy and HOT with regard to Natural Hair. Launched in March of 2011, we combined expert styling and high fashion with progressive graphic artistry and web design to create a showcase of Natural Hair beauty at  a level of Excellence.  Each model featured in the magazine expresses a unique personality while rocking  natural hair creations specific to their individuality and personal style.  Natural Hollywood Magazine is on a mission to change the perception of Natural Hair in the fashion and beauty industry, the corporate world, and beyond.  Page after page, this premium Magazine carries award winning Natural Hair styles and tips, mouth dropping photo spreads, one of kind accessories, feature stories of the industries hottest Naturalistas and so much more!

At first, of course, I was shocked.
Natural Hollywood?!
At that moment I remembered and mentioned to her that I had written to Natural Hollywood Magazine a few years ago to inquire about an editor position for the magazine.


The beauty that is captured between the pages and embodied by it’s model’s are something of which I myself wanted to look like. This magazine was what I understood the epitome of all that is gorgeous and jaw-droppingly-stunning to be. Natural Hollywood was something I desperately wanted to be a part of years ago, and still, as my hair was being pinned-up in perfection, wanted to be enraptured by.


If I allow myself, I will begin to sing praises from here to the mountains about the magazine; but I digress.

During my hair appointment, I was able to receive an exclusive inside look into the issues of the magazine, as well as learn more about a lot of the genius which went into the production of each magazine publication.


Folks, I wasn’t just working with a professional hairstylist, but at that very moment I understood that I was having my hair styled, trading conversation and spending time with a woman who KNEW her stuff; from old-school, to new-age and every crevasse in between about natural hair.

You can learn more about the stunning-fabulosity which is Natural Hollywood by clicking here and here. 




While I did come to Ms. Jennifer pre-washed and towel-dried, I’m positive that the end-results of my hair had very little to do with my hair-washing skills.

Readers, I felt like old-hollywood! Classical stamped. Red-carpet-ready. Put-me-in-a-black-and-white-movie-now, yes-I-love-my-hair, like.
And my hair stayed up-right and gorgeous the entire night, and even into the next few days, which involved me wrapping it up before bed.

You want to talk about satisfaction?
What an understatement..
I was over the hills in happiness!


Ms. Jennifer was also gracious enough to do my make-up as well for the evening.
So, when I say that this woman’s skills are boundless, I’m telling you the absolute truth!

I concluded the evening with a big smile on my face, knowledge upon knowledge about my own hair, and a new connection and formed relationship by a woman who is amazing at what she does.

Working with Jennifer was the opportunity of a life-time.

And, if you’d be so kind as to give a round of applause to the lady who inspired this post!
Ms. Natural-Hollywood herself, Jennifer Lord.

Be sure to keep up with Ms. Jennifer and all that’s natural and fabulous by liking, following and subscribing:



  1. Beautiful images, women and post. Very well written. I am excited to check out the magazine. I’m natural and a photographer and it’s nice to have something to draw inspiration from, especially women of color 🙂 Love it!


  2. NickyGoGlam says:

    Great interview! I like the way you write. YOU my dear are truly gorgeous! Thank you for following.


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