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Brooklyn: the most populous of New York City’s five boroughs, with about 2.5 million people and counting.

The borough of Brooklyn on its own would be the 4th largest city in the United States; with a demographic of more women inhabitants than men.
Now, with a population of 38.2% of Brooklyn’s population being African American, again more women than men, and more and more women embracing the beauty of that which is their natural hair and crown of glory, Brooklyn is in need of natural hair stylist!


And not just hair-braiders and locs-speciliast, but people, men and women alike who understand how to care and nurture natural hair; those who have the desire to continue to update their skills and knowledge in the field of haircare.

People like Mrs. Sabine Bellevue!


Now, what an honor and pleasure it was to meet Ms. Sabine.
From the moment she opened up her shop for my appointment early that morning, to our parting words before I left her salon.
Sabine was personable, kind and a really (really) great listener.
Even at 6am, which was the time of my Sunday appointment, she was lively and accommodating.

And my goodness, does this woman do everything under the sun!
Along with being the owner and head stylist of her own salon, she is a marathon runner, a wonderful mother, a philanthropist and active in helping to improve her community and the lives in it — to name a few things she juggles on her plate.

So, you can imagine that a Naturalista like myself presented with the opportunity to have a superwoman hairstylist style my hair was a much noted and memorable experience.

The Salon:


Isn’t the saying “cleanliness is next to godliness?”
Well, I can believe it.

Sabine’s Hallway was neatly kept, with a beautiful amount of sunlight pouring in through the windows.
For most of my appointment we kept the lights off. The natural beams of sunlight basking through the windows gave us a peaceful and well lit ambiance; making 6am and beyond feel easy and serene.

Now, in the 3rd photo above — the sinks — those sinks were quite possibly one of the most comfortable sinks to rest my neck onto while having my hair washed. And the very reason as to why I account for that detail so well, is because I’ve had past experiences with salon sinks which are a nightmare to rest my neck in. Ones which I seriously cannot wait to sit up and away from.

However, the sinks at Sabine’s showed to be supportive and ideal for clients to have their hair cleansed in.

Ultimately, Sabine’s Hallway received an A+ in the cleanliness department, and an A++ for salon utilities, as far as having comfortable sinks, up-to-date hair-care appliances like hair-dryers, steamers, and styling tools, along with wonderfully comfortable chairs.

My Haircare Experience:

DSC02731Yes, yes. This is me, Alexandria, with a towel skillfully wrapped upon my head as it was drying after being shampooed and conditioned.
(hashtag, FlatteringPhotography)

From wherever you are right now, I want you to raise your hands if you’ve ever had your hair washed so well that you began to fall asleep while still at the washing station.
You do remember the sink description, of how amazing I found them to be, correct?
Well, mark my words, if you ever get the chance to have your hair washed by Ms. Sabine, be sure to pay the woman her due praise afterwards.
I was in awe of how wonderful it felt to have my hair washed.

Now, fellow readers, I have had my hair washed at professional, high-end salons, so I’m speaking from experience.
At those salons, some of their stylist are moderately skilled in the hair washing process — decent at best.
While other salon stylist I’ve dealt with feel it’s perfectly fine with slamming the back of your head in the sink-bowl while shampooing the suds into your scalp!
(Yeah, I went there)

However, as I digress and refer back to my point, Ms. Sabine was fabulous; just incredible!
Shampoo, to the rinse and repeat and then the conditioner, this woman had hands of magic! (And yes, I told her so)
Typically, I’m counting down how many more times I’ll have to hear the water going on and off because that means I’m one step closer to leaving the sink area. But, with my experience this time around, I found myself falling asleep while she washed my hair from root-to-tip, seemingly effortlessly.

She was also sure to tell me that the water was going to be cooler at the end of my wash to make sure my scalp sealed and locked in the nourishment and healthy moisture. So when the water went from luke-warm to cool I was prepared instead of shocked.

Thereafter being washed, I was told to take a seat in one of the comfy salon and styling chairs, wherewith I took a chance to continue to soak in the atmosphere. And with a freshly clean scalp, that proved to be a bit more exciting than usual.

Shortly after, Ms.Sabine approach the station I was seated at with a few products in hand. And without a moment to spare we dove right into my consultation.

She asked me questions such as what my diet was like, and what I found myself eating often.
While see examined the strands of my hair like a scientist would her specimen, she inquired about which products I used, and what I felt my hair was in dire need of; which she agreed was moisture. She then began to fill me in on what was really going on with my hair. She expressed how and why diet and food intake has such a grand effect on how our hair, skin and nails develop and mature. Though I understood this, having studied nutrition, I was still hooked and compelled by what she saying due to how tactfully she broke down her explanations.

When my thorough, helpful and informative consultation was complete, she smiled and asked,
“Now, what are you looking to do with your hair, Ms. Alexandria?”

The Results:


(This product really helped my hair retain moisture and neatness well after the date of my appointment. Thank goodness for Jane Carter Products!)

The style we settled on was a sophisticated, yet glamorous array of crowroll-twist. And while I’d never had this style before, I trusted that Ms. Sabine knew what she was doing.
She was attentive and considerate throughout the process, inquiring if I preferred an up-do style, which I did, and honestly really ended up liking.


This style not only provided my hair with a wonderfully-lasting protective style which I was able to keep with minimum maintenance for an entire month, but also allowed me to show my length gradually, more and more, as I continued to wear the style.
This is what I truly loved!


And thanks to a bit of planning, I was able to have the appointment on a day which I had an important outing later that afternoon. Thus everything worked out, my hair looked and felt wonderful and I received tons of compliments on how confident I looked wearing my natural hair.
Which, with the major help of  Ms. Sabine’s skills and magical styling hands, I undoubtedly was!

Photographed by: Ty Hill

Thank you again, Ms. Sabine and Sabine’s Hallway, Natural Hair Salon!
I had one of the most lovelies haircare experience at your salon, and can’t wait to book my next appointment.DSC02740Sabine’s Hallway – Beauty Salon – A Natural Hair Salon
Location: 1260 Bedford Ave.
Between Fulton Ave & Halsey St.
Phone: 718-789-2673

Oh, and be sure to like and follow Sabine’s Hallway on these social networks to keep up with all her latest and greatest ventures!

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