Nails for New York Fashion Week!

Knowing that neat and polished nails are a personal must for myself, the week of New York Fashion Week would of course be no different; if not a chance to add a little extra from the weekly norm.


Thus, I present to you my nails for the week of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in New York.


Since Fall is my favorite season and ever-so-hastily approaching, I decided to go with a deeper pink base polish; Revlon’s Iced Mauve from their everyday Nail Enamel line; which is a Formaldehyde and toluene-free formula.


And to give them a little more personality, went ahead and  added a gold-leaf-like signature for the french-tips effect, using Treasure Chest from Francesca’s Bonita nail line. (last polish bottle to the right)

Ultimately, I’m very pleased with how they turned out. They’ll go with everything I wear as I prepare to attend a few more of the Fashion Week festive and events throughout the city, plus I know that they’ll last!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Super cute! Love the pink (my favorite color) and the gold (another one of my favorites)… I’ve tried this look with glitter gradation. Came out nice too!

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