Nails for New York Fashion Week!

Knowing that neat and polished nails are a personal must for myself, the week of New York Fashion Week would of course be no different; if not a chance to add a little extra from the weekly norm.


Thus, I present to you my nails for the week of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held in New York.


Since Fall is my favorite season and ever-so-hastily approaching, I decided to go with a deeper pink base polish; Revlon’s Iced Mauve from their everyday Nail Enamel line; which is a Formaldehyde and toluene-free formula.


And to give them a little more personality, went ahead and  added a gold-leaf-like signature for the french-tips effect, using Treasure Chest from Francesca’s Bonita nail line. (last polish bottle to the right)

Ultimately, I’m very pleased with how they turned out. They’ll go with everything I wear as I prepare to attend a few more of the Fashion Week festive and events throughout the city, plus I know that they’ll last!


1 Comment

  1. Super cute! Love the pink (my favorite color) and the gold (another one of my favorites)… I’ve tried this look with glitter gradation. Came out nice too!


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