The Snowflakes of Design

Jurney Jurray's Glam Blog

Individuality is often compared to snowflakes, as it is said that no two snowflakes are alike. Individuality is what makes us unique and special in our own way. Our characteristics become our trademarks. I feel this way when designing a new piece, from concept to completion individuality is my trademark design. I have yet to look to trends for inspiration, as I am inspired daily with life as my muse.

A designer’s inspiration can be pulled from many facets. For me it’s the emotions tied to a multitude of images captured by my eyes then sifted and sorted through my thoughts. Thereby each piece I create is thought provoked, and as a designer I can only hope that my passion is conveyed through my end results. This…passion derived from emotions cultivated by life is what feeds the appetite of an artist. Fulfillment is achieved through appreciation of others, whether it…

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