Professional Hairstylist: Katherine Watterson

For me, it isn’t enough to have an “okay,” hair dresser who provides “okay,” services, and delivers “okay” customer satisfaction.
Having natural hair is already enough of a day-to-day challenge in regards to frequently caring and styling my hair.
And if your texture is anything like mine, (tight-coils, medium thickness/semi-coarse) then you’d understand that having my hair properly treated when I take the time to go to a salon, is a mandatory requirement.


Thus, when I found myself trying to find a professional hairdresser on-short notice a few days before a photo-shoot, I was a bit jittery and distraught.
Being new to New York, as well as the Manhattan and Brooklyn area, I’d only worked with a handful of decent hair dressers. And those whom I knew were either heavily booked or couldn’t meet my time requirements for the date before the shoot.
Needless to say, I was up a creek.


So, I did my research and came across a salon located in the Brooklyn — Fort Greene area, called the De Lux Gallery (Hair Salon).
And after having a pleasant set of quick conversations with the owner, Glen, and the stylist I was to work with (Ms. Watterson), at the end of the day I not only had an appointment booked for that same evening, but also an optional follow-up appointment for the next day to make-sure that my hair looked flawless for the shoot.
My spirits were lifted and I felt like finally, I could breathe!


The Salon:


I for one am never unappreciative of a clean facility, especially a place in which I go to relax.
This salon in comparison with both upscale and low-end salons I’ve been to, showed itself to be very up-to-par in cleanliness.
Any hair and or residue that may have been on the floor, was always brief cleaned up by the stylist/barber or someone else in the shop.
Also noted was how well lit the salon was. Since I happened to be working from my IPad taking note of my appointment, perks and all, I was grateful to be able to clearly see everything going on from my device to what the stylist was doing to my hair from the view of the mirror.

My Stylist: Katherine Watterson

Katherine, or “Kat,” is someone that I would call a woman with knowledge and class. She is vivacious, witty and very educated when it comes to hair care of all types!

She was not only helpful in providing me with tips for better haircare of my own hair-type, in things regarding retaining moisture and the various hairstyles I could try in which  would give my hair the best all-around look, but she happily showed me the best products to regularly use in my hair as well.I learned about ‘why not to keep conditioners in your hair for too long,’ ‘why and when it is best to trim your hair,’ and many other factoids in reference to better natural hair care.

My experience shared with Ms. Watterson was both pleasant and insightful.
I found myself nodding, smiling and laughing in my chair when in conversation with her and a few of the other stylist.
You honestly cannot put a price on a phenomenal experience with your stylist.

Below are photos provided by her of herself and her beautiful family.
(Yes, people. The woman is undoubtedly gorgeous)13 - 1 Katherine

Past work Ms. Katherine has been featured in:
And check-out her blog, as she is a fantastic blogger as well:

Services Provided:

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner (Wash-Set)Shampoo: Jane Carter Moisture Rich
    Conditioner: Design Essentials Express (comb it through)

2. Rod Set + Dryer
Rod size: Varied
Setting Product: Design Essential Curl Enhance Mousse

3. Great Conversation

4. Next Day Touch-Up and Styling
Sidenote: I despise sitting under the dryer. It has never been my favored part of visiting a salon.
However, my time spent while sitting under the dryers at De Lux Gallery on a warm summer evening, proved to be rejuvenating as well as a bit eventful, as I shared a conversation with Glen, Katherine and another barber named Rob.

DSC02698-2 DSC02701

The next day I went back into the salon to have Kat remove the rods from my hair, as my hair had set and fully dried over night.
A few spritz and sprays of Jane Carter products after my make-up was complete, and I was out of the door right on schedule!
(Photo Credit Above: Rob the Barber)

Final Results:

The photos displayed below will show for themselves. I was overjoyed with how everything turned out. From my provided services, to the level of professionalism I indulged in while spending time at the salon, as well as the new individuals I felt I connected well with.

I know that I’ll be back to that very salon in a few weeks for a hair-cut.
I know that I’m in need of one ^_^

IMG_6355-2 IMG_6385 IMG_6586 IMG_6608 IMG_6655 IMG_6669

All photography provided below were photographed by: Ty Hill
Make Up: Magda Ali
Jewelry: The Boutique of Jewelry and Handcrafted Accessories
Hairstylist: Katherine Watterson 
(Contact Information for Kat: 704 Fulton Street, Brooklyn N.Y, 11217 - (718) 522-3324)


  1. Katherine says:

    Wow….I’m so flattered….Thank you!


  2. Naima Oyo says:

    Kat has been taking care of me since I cut my locs almost 2 years ago. She is hands down the BEST!


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