Cult Cosemetics Blackbox Review!

Anyone who follows me via Instagram (songstressaw) has recently witnessed me ranting-&-raving about Cult Cosemetics’ monthly Blackbox; and for good reason!


Being a die-hard nail-art-nista, nail polish and the creativity that goes behind designing a hip and trendy look for nails has been a fairly unhealthy obsession of mine for a few years now. And over these years I myself have also accumulated my fair share of nail polishes from various brands. Every time I’ve walked past a CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, beauty store and even the higher-end places which carries polishes, I’m the first to take a peak at the latest collections of the displayed brands.
Thus, when I stumbled upon a post from Cult Cosmetics via Facebook ads, after viewing the site in it’s entirety, I concluded in sheer determination that I must get my hands on one of these things! Fast-forward to the present and here is my Blackbox from Cult:


My Blackbox arrived fairly quickly in the mail (I live in New York), and I was genuinely excited to open it and see what was inside.
Included in my box were:
  • A formal letter to the blogger
  • A Cult Cosmetics sticker (which is currently proudly pasted on my Macbook)
  • DIY Tutorial Guide (for nail art examples and inspiration)
  • A 5 piece professional dotting tool (from M.A.S.H)
  • 3 Full sized, name-brand summer polish colors:
  1. OPI’s Blue Shatter
  2. Essie’s Sunday Funday
  3. Essie’s Mojito Madness
One of the things I really loved about Cult Cosmetics Blackbox, were that the brands included in the box are ones which are popular and hot on today’s market, like Essie and OPI. And trust me, I know my polishes; which ones chip after a week’s wear, which ones leave stains on your nails, and which ones will give you the best bang for your buck. The polishes provided in my box are polishes that cost between $8 -$12 ($7-$10 at the cheapest a piece) in the USA. So, if you yourself were to go out and purchase these colors individually, that price vs. the full price of the box it is definitely a discount.


A great perk about my box, I personally would account for, are the nail-art/design tools.
They’re perfect for helping you add that extra pizzazz to your look, which also come in different sizes from tip-to-tip.Plus, since they’re in a plastic-pouch, it helps me to keep them all together when I’m done using them, and are super easy to clean.
Now, to the most colorful(est) part: The Summer Polishes!

OPI’s Blue Shatter

OPI’s Blue Shatter is probably the best crackle lacquer I’ve ever used. It cracks well, dries fast, and wears well. This color is a pretty nautical blue, which in my opinion looks best on white or silver based nails. Blue Shatter doesn’t seem to effect how long the polish under it wears, nor does it chip off like many crackles do.

Essie’s Sunday Funday

A “bright, tangerine-crush coral with soft shimmer.” Sunday-Funday nail lacquer is a warm-toned, coral-orange with flecks of white sparkle. And though I only applied it in design and not full swatch-like color, I was still able to notice that the consistency wasn’t too thick or too thin, so it was easy to apply.
(It does look a bit pinkish due to my then-wear polish color)

Essie’s Mojito Madness


Mojito Madness is a green dream-creme! It’s a nice smoldering, grassy green toned kind of color. And though it is also only on my hands as a design color instead of fully painted, I couldn’t pass up the chance to use it on my toes too.
Results? It looks gorgeous, and has complimented every open-toed item I’ve worn this past week!
(My obvious favorite of the summer polishes provided)

Final Product:

IMG_3368-3(For the white I used Essie’s Blanc, a snowy white polish, which like OPI’s Alpine Snow is the perfect tip for French manicures)
Above, you can see how I made an effort to utilize everything in the box, from tools to polishes. Oh, and the microphone is just an added touch which the songstress in me couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph my nails with.
Needless to say, I was very happy with my Cult Cosmetics’ box, and now have these beautiful polishes and pro-tools to add to my personal collection!
If you too want to get a taste of what it’s like to have the full Cult Cosmetics experience, you can subscribe to a Cult Cosmetics’ monthly Blackbox by clicking here.
Upon signing up, once a month in the mail you will receive items like these which are shown above, but can also vary from tools to other fantastic accessories; and different color polishes too.
Not only that, but you will also be on-trend with what’s in season since the box is delivered monthly and hand-picked by the experts at Cult.
I know I’m not the only one who loves coming home to packages, especially ones with goodies such as these!
Plus, when your look is complete, keep in mind that you can #hashtag your design onto your own personal social media pages like Instagram, and share with the many other nail-art lovers out there your nail creativity; with the chance to also be featured on Cult’s site! (#CultLoveNails)
Oh, and if you’re looking for a bit more inspiration, Cult’s got you covered on Facebook as well, where you can enter for a chance to win a free Blackbox of your own for the Month of August!


Until Next Time, loves!

Final product photographs shot by: Vonecia Carswell
Jewelery provided by: The VK Collection
Hair Styled by: Sabine’s Hallway


  1. Kim Choo says:

    Your nails look beautiful! I need polishes like these in my life 🙂


  2. Tarren says:

    Love your nail and the Cult brand. Which color did you use on your thumbs?


    • Songstress A says:

      Thank you, Tarren. As a base color for all of my nails I used Blanc from Essie, and I used the M.A.S.H design tools from my Blackbox to dot a silver polish called Celeb City by Sally Hansen for the dotted colors on my thumbs.


  3. Kareema says:

    It’s SO nice to see a young female of a minority race rocking her nail art for a change!! You look beautiful and your nail are awesome. How much does a monthly sub to a blackbox cost?

    Stay beautiful!


    • Songstress A says:

      Hello Kareema! Thank you for your kind comments and words ^_^ ! Regarding the Blackbox, that’s a great question. And you’re in luck because if you purchase/join the Cult Cosmetics’ club now you get 50% off of your box which = $15 in total (that includes shipping!)

      The months following you will be charged $19 + shipping ($5), and if that’s a bit more than you’d like to spend on a monthly basis, then you can cancel at any time. (More details here:

      Hope this helps, and thank you again!


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