Professional New York Make Up Artist:

Magda Ali


My experience when working with Ms. Magda Ali, was above and beyond what I expected from a freelance make-up artist! She was perfectly prompt in meeting me on location, very respectful and kind to everyone on and off of the styling team, and wonderfully attentive before and throughout being on set.And if her personality as a MUA professional isn’t impressive enough, her make-up artistry skills will leave you in awe, as well as looking completely glamorous!

One of the qualities which I appreciated the most when working with her, was the fact that she informed  me if there was anything at all about the look that I needed changed, I could let her know and she would revise/touch-up the look accordingly.


Working with a professional MUA like Magda Ali, was an unforgettable experience. Ms. Ali was genuinely kind, respectful, accommodating and personable.
Also, as many may or may not know, the month of July was the sacred month of Ramadan for the Muslim community, during which each person of the Muslim religion is strictly abides by fasting.


Through 100+ degree weather and humidity, Magda stayed on her toes and was spot on with making sure my face kept from melting in the heat, and that I was smudge-free for the duration of the shoot. I highly recommend her services to those in the NYC area who need a fantastic MUA!
Project Real-Life Accessorize helped bring together more than business colleagues, but also a set of women who are now friends because of it.
I’m very fortunate to have had her on my team and the opportunity to work with such a fantastic and skilled individual.And of course, I greatly appreciated working with Ms. Magda, as I also look forward to working with her again in the near future.

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