I Don’t Do Airports

I am quite possibly one of the worst people to bring to the airport.
Not as a safety precaution, but for more often than not a crying precaution.
If you’re leaving or I’m leaving, either way I’ll be saying farewell with a well of tears on the brink of falling.
So, imagine what it was like for me to say “until next time,” to my favorite headache; this guy right here. The baby brother.I was crying from here to kingdom come.

Yeah, it was pretty bad.

DSC01940And just so you guys don’t think I’m a total wimp, this wasn’t him leaving for summer camp or something temporary like so, but him actually moving across the States; room cleared out and all. Needless to say, I was a wreck while crying waterfalls into the left shoulder of his Lakers shirt. And though in these photos it may not appear that I had been completely hysterical just moments before, I had to force myself to be lady enough to put my big-girl pants on, take several deep breaths, and smile.


After all, these were going to be the last photos that I’d have of us together for a while, and I refused to look as distraught as I felt; because it wasn’t going down like that!

I wanted to instead express how proud I was of the little-man he is becoming, and that I support him whole-heartedly on his road to greatness.

Plus, it’s kind of nice to think that while I’m in New York forging a way to a better future for myself, he’s in California working hard, studying and experiencing life for himself as a maturing young man.

And yes, I’ve come to terms with being okay with all of this, as long as he remember to call, text and Facetime every so often.

I’m so proud of you, Anthony!

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