Dear Young Black Men..

Who continue to ask me when my hair will look like this:


It ain’t gon’ happen, fools!

My hair does not grow like this.

Allow me to spit some edumacation knowledge your way.

There are several types of natural hair which grows in several different ways.
To put this in layman’s term, black/mixed people’s hair grows in 3 various directions:

  • North
  • East/West
  • South

Some ladies with natural hair, have hair which grows Northward.
(Like mine)
Direction: Up. (Most voluminous at the top)



And it STAYS this way unless there is some kind of chemically enhancing treatment given to it, like coloring or relaxer.

Some ladies with natural hair, have hair which grows Eastward/Westward.
Direction: Out to the sides. (Most voluminous on either side(s)



And it STAYS this way unless otherwise manipulated.

And then there are some ladies in the natural hair community who’s hair grows Southward.
Direction: Downward (Most voluminous at the roots)



My point:
Not all natural hair grows the same.
Sure there are a few more key technical points like genes and how your hair was taken care of growing up, but at the end of the day, the facts stated still remain.

My own personal natural hair is different than the Ms. Jessie look-alike model you saw on the ads and magazine articles.
And by nature, it will remain the same.

And one thing which should always be kept in mind is, no matter what length, style, direction, etc, a young ladies’ hair grows in, she is lovely just the way she was made.
Your preference and opinion is that of your own. Let that be understood.
It makes no difference, especially when the hair is not yours 🙂

And so, as always: Natural Hair Hair Is Beautiful!


  1. jurneyjurray says:

    Well said! Thankful for your voice of reason and eloquent words of conviction. Keep up the good work;-)

    Naturally Proud,

    Jenee Dionne


  2. Well said!! If that is you in the last pic, you are gorgeous and so is you hair.


  3. Love your hair! And your blog! My hair grows upwards too 🙂 Beautiful photos ❤


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