Make-Up by Rina and My New Yorker Endavors!

Having recently relocated from the south back to the north, I was bit frazzled with getting moved in and making sure I could resume a productive lifestyle in my new atmosphere. Moving when you’re a child is a bit different than moving when you’ve become a young adult.
                                                                             (You end up having to lift a lot more boxes!)


In prior years, I had lived in Connecticut and California for a while, and loved both places. And even though Georgia and it’s ever-growing city of Atlanta had become almost like a second home to me after 5 years, God seemed to have other plans. Fast-forward to present day of May, and here we are!


In years past when living in Connecticut, I’d been to New York many times before with my parents.  Sometimes we’d go to NY to visit family, on day-trips, and sometimes to simply escape the small town, rural feel of where we were and instead hit the city! But that was when I was younger and most everyone I knew and met was family. As an adult, admittedly-so, one of my concerns in moving to a new place and much closer to a city, is interacting with new people.
And sometimes that proves to be a bit difficult if you’re anything like I am; avoiding the crazies or stalkers, or especially people who want anything but good for you because they in-turn have nothing grand going for them.


Well folks, in twenty-thirteen social media has made it a little safer and a bit more controlled when it comes to meeting new individuals — it’s like, having a handy discretionary filter of sorts to help you mull through the herds of people out there. And this is how I came upon Rina; through an Instagram profile I’d browsed onto when shuffling through one of my social media timelines. To say our encounter was a match made in heaven would be a irrational understatement.
After reaching out to her through an email, she promptly responded and we made plans to sit down over lunch on a sunny-Sunday, and actually get to know each other past the courteous small talk and smiley-emojis.

Rina Shkodër

photo 4-3 photo 4

Rina Shkodër is much more than your typical MUA (make-up-artist) who knows how to work a brush and a few Mac products. She’s a new-age superwoman who is employed, attends school and also makes sincere time to take care of her family and friends. In speaking with her over french fries, salad and calamari, I felt compelled to listened to what she had to say. Sure, this young lady shone with professionalism from the way she sat to every word that left her lips, but she was beautiful in a way that you noticed, but kept to yourself — as if complimenting her aloud would be putting her characteristics in a jar unfit to show exactly what you saw in front of you. But being a combination of charming and driven made her much more admirable and auspicious than your run of the mill pretty-face. In meeting Rina, I had found a way to do much more than collect a business contact. In her I had also found a friend with like-minded perspective and goals of her very own.


Fast-forward to this!
 Initially for my X-Factor auditions, (which will be available to read all about next week) I had scheduled an appointment with another MUA before Rina and I had met. As unfortunate as it was fortunate, my MUA contacted me a day early letting me know that she wouldn’t be available to do my make-up for auditions on the date I needed her to. With little to no hesitation, I composed a quick text to Rina asking if she could in anyway be available to do my make-up instead, and like magic she replied with a yes and from there it was smooth sailing — excitedly smooth sailing.
Here is a breakdown of what she did:

Face: Primed the face with Benefit “POREfessional primer”

Foundation: Used BellettoStudio Airbrush system, the foundation color used was “Nutmeg”

Eyes: Benefits “Stay don’t Stray” primer & also mixed NYX white eye primer

Eye shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Shadow in Bold Gold then I used MAC “Brun” Eye shadow to create the Smokey effect on the sides and on the crease.

Eyeliner: Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream eyeliner ( I used this in the inside of the eyes because it’s waterproof and doesn’t fall out”  To create the black cat eye liner I used MAC “blacktrack” eyeliner.

Eyelashes: I used Ardell Demi Wispies

Lips: For the lips I actually used a simple Nude lip gloss that Alexandria’s mother had in her purse.

Finished off with the Laura Mercier Universal finishing powder.


Beginning of the day look/results.

Aside from the compliments and stares I received from other audition(ees) and their family and friends while at Long Island’s Nassau Coliseum that day, I myself felt fueled with an extra boost of confidence. The make-up I had on hadn’t transformed me in appearance, but rather enhanced the colors of my eyes, the noticeably and rosiness of my cheekbones, how expressing my eyebrows could be, and how soft my smile felt behind my lips. I was glowing with femininity, which transcended into my ease in stride, as well as to my openness when engaging other people.


End of the day look/results.

And even at the end of the day as I was removing the make-up with great resistance, nostalgically watching the gold glitter from the eyeshadow translate onto my wash-rag, I smiled; because ultimately, even without the make-up on anymore, I knew that I had taken a step forward; I’d sung in front of complete strangers for a national televised competition, fearlessly! I’d also connected with a new individual who was everything I looked for in a friend and more. Who woke up before 4am to make sure she could be there to support me in her own way; chipper and patient through and through.
I climbed into bed that night feeling victorious — very exhausted and very victorious.
Cheers, to higher heights and people who express their way of caring past lip and eye service (no-pun intended), but in truth and deed.
If you happen to be in the New York area and are in need of a one of a kind make-up stylist with a quality personality, here is Ms. Rina’s contact information above, as well as a link to her personal blog-site and Instagram. More of her work can be seen on both links.
And also be sure to stay posted for next week as you can indulge in all of the adventurous details of my auditions for the American singing competition of X-Factor.

 Until Next Time ♥


  1. Leah M says:

    You look so beautiful and I love all of the products she used! When I make my way to NY during summer I will be getting in contact with this lady for make-up jobs! Bravo. You really do look so gorgeous!


  2. Mirya Roslen says:

    I want this look! Oh my gosh!


  3. Janie Jane says:

    What part of New York is she located in?


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