Lasio Studio Salon||Single Process Treatment

From the moment I walked through the elevator doors and into the Lasio Studio Salon for my 11:45 appointment, I knew I was in for a treat! From the front desk receptionists to each member of Lasio’s styling team, I experienced the vast and enjoyable contrast of how much different Lasio presented itself to be in comparison to other upscale salons I’d been to before.

I was promptly seated and greeted by my stylist, Josè. Thereafter I received a complete consultation on what my natural hair is like, what color(s) would go well with my hair and skin, as well as how to take care of it after the salon.

I Learned That:

My hair is very expansive and curly, and because I have such a fine texture of hair, my hair needs to be handled with care so that it doesn’t break and become damaged; it is strongest by the strand at the ends.

At first glance my hair looks completely black, but is actually very dark brown. And because it is darker shade, for the sake of maintaining healthy natural hair, I shouldn’t take it up too many levels when coloring.
                                  Taken with Youtube personality: Sug (WhoIsSug)
Finally, always keep in mind that in coloring your hair, make sure that your hair receives an adequate amount of moisture everyday; especially after a coloring treatment.

Several of the stylist commented that my hair looked healthy, which, as a Naturalista, or any hair conscious individual, was very nice to hear.

                                                                                 Here is my official before photo taken at the salon: WP_003594
After the informative consultation, we then proceeded to explore (coloring) books which filled with different color swatches for your hair! When holding the swatches of color up to my hair and skin for proper comparison, the stylists were sure to explain to me that we didn’t want go too far with a copper tone, due to the fact that I have “olive tones in my skin.” Something too copper or orange-like would make my skin tone look green. (No one wants to look like their becoming sea-sick) The stylist also checked to make sure that we didn’t go too dark on the purple we had decided to blend, simply because it wouldn’t show in my shade of hair unless my hair was taken through a lightening process beforehand.


We ended up using: A bold mixture of reds, soft shades of purples, and light accents of auburns; wonderfully feathered together. WP_003597

WP_003598I value the fact that, while I came to them with examples and ideas, they were sure to do their best to incorporate exactly what I wanted in partnership with what their professional understanding knew would compliment my look as a whole; from tone skin and eye color to my natural virgin hair color.

I was taken up 3 levels for the coloring process.

With my first time at the Lasio Salon, I must say that I was very pleased with how I was treated. The entire staff, from the front receptionist to the stylist were very much attentive and pleasant to converse with. The head stylists were sure to give their input and opinion on technique and styling.


I had a male-Latino hair-stylist by the name of José Perez. Josè has been studying cosmetology since his freshmen year of high school while he lived in Colombia. He is knowledgeable in everything from how to handle a full head of hair, and even a full face of  make-up, too.I felt comfortable and relaxed with him handling my hair.

(On the right in the photo)

Though I am far from tender-headed, he carefully went through each part of my hair, making sure not to rip apart any strands. I watched in the half length mirror beside us as he evenly coated my hair with the red dye at the first, followed by the purple and finally feather the auburn dye at the tips. WP_003601

About a half an hour after allowing the dye to saturate into my hair, I was lead to one of the white sinks on the other half of the salon. Josè did a fantastic job washing my hair, making sure the water temperature was comfortable, that there was minimum strain on my neck while it was being washed in the bowl, using a reasonable amount to pressure when washing the product clear from my hair. I was blow dried and lightly styled before I  sat down again for make-up.

Here are the final results! : IMG_7150-3
For more pictures and details on afterwards’ shoot, please click here!

Also, be sure to check out their site by clicking here, and to see the latest at Lasio by clicking here . They offer several phenomenal services for your hair and skin that I’m sure you’ll love to try. Their newest location is located in Midtown Manhattan: 39 W 38th Street, New York, NY. Or, give them a call at (212) 477-2088 to inquire about making your next appointment!All in all, I would like to genuinely thank all of Lasio for it’s major presentation of professionalism and class as a salon. To say I would be excited to visit again soon for another mini-make over, would be a supreme understatement.

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