The Wendy Williams Experience!

 Last Tuesday on the 12th of March, my mother and I got up bright and early to take an hour subway ride and walk a few blocks to be part of the Wendy Williams show as show participants and the audience itself!
 Up until we entered the main part of the studio, I was sure to keep my hair wrapped up. Protecting it from the rain and hoping that it’d stay as frizz-less as possible.
 Though that morning was dreary with rain and cold weather, inside of the studio itself it was alive with warming lights and an exited crowd!
During the breaks we were encouraged to snap photos, interact with the crew, sing along with the music and have a great time!
We watched on as Ms. Wendy interviewed people such as Canadian actress and singer Gloria Reuben, and All-Star/Celebrity Apprentice, American Singer-songwriter and actor, Dee Snider.
 Afterwards, I got the chance to share a quick conversation and snap a photo with Wendy’s personal MC, Marco Glorious. Whom of which had a dynamic personality, and kept the audience on their feet, dancing and cheering, from beginning to end.

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