Two of a Kind!

Playful, fun and flirty. Designer Stacey Bendet’s concept for this season’s collection was “going back to the American dream.”

Bendet’s Alice + Olivia 2013 Spring Collection: (Most of these items will be available at Alicia + Olivia
Stores and on their website soon)



Above: Stacey designed two MAGNUM mini-skirts named “classic” and “almond” with her
inspiration from the new MAGNUM Mini Ice Cream bars. Both mini skirts will retail for $396 and will
be available in all alice + olivia stores as well as online at starting next week.




Meet the Designer:

Stacey Bendet


“In 2001, spaghetti straps were in, denim was in a drainpipe stage, and Stacey Bendet was a University of Pennsylvania graduate roller-blading towards life in the corporate lane.
“My parents wanted me to go to law school!” she says of her Chappaqua, NY upbringing family.
But she had the creative bug, and she couldn’t shake it off–nor could she figure out how to channel it. What to do? “I started designing flash websites,” she says. 

Bendet began to brainstorm style as she designed web pages for an apparel company.

“At the time, I felt there was a serious pant void,” she says.
So, she designed her first pair of striped pants.
“Theory did a great work pant, and everyone was doing denim. But no one was making a trouser trendy, or the focus of an outfit…So, that’s what I set out to do.”
 In 2002, Bendet launched a 20-item collection based around that concept at the Russian Tea Room. Within months, Theory’s Andrew Rosen invested in Bendet’s fledgling business and her pants became a staple at Barneys. She christened her new line Alice + Olivia (so-named for two mothers–her own and that of a college classmate).

Like so many successful contemporary designers, Bendet designs for herself.

“It literally started based on me,” she says of Alice + Olivia’s cleverly cut pants. “The concept was a pant that elongates, lengthens the look of the leg, and raises the butt.” 
As the patterns evolved, Bendet incorporated another trick: “The pants are all cut slim at the hip to suck you in and make your body look leaner and straighter!”


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