Today I Believe…

..That not all Mondays are complain-worthy. Sometimes it will do you just as well to remember that Monday is yet another day you are blessed enough to add to your “I lived through this,” list.
..There is a gentleness brought about when hearing certain songs from your past. One that is so strong and enveloping, it will make you stop and listen.
..If one could put the feel of a sincere Autumn day into a box, they would be onto something grand.
..While time may not always heal all wounds, it sure does make coping with that wound a little easier.
..To be able to share a few thoughts that always seem to be teetering on the tip of your tongue with someone who you trust, can make you feel a deep sense of security. Even if all they offer in reply is a simple chuckle of understanding.
..It is always good to ask questions when appropriate. Always when appropriate.
..Sometimes having your favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer is the perfect pick-me-up.
..There are such things as 2nd and 3rd chances, but there also exist 2nd and 3rd reminders.
..That we can’t always get it right in the beginning, but in getting it wrong, if we keep trying, we’re get a bit closer to right than we were before.

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