5 Rules To Know Before Coloring Your Hair!


Autumn is steadily falling upon us and the weather is showing a promising season of beauty.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little bit of a change; starting from the top.

Selecting the perfect or ideal hair color for yourself can be tricky. Think about it, more than just our favorite color of the color wheel play into picking a color to enhance the glory of our hair.  Keep in mind that all the important factors you have to consider like, such as skin tone, eye color, and hair type play a key role in the outcome of your tress once it’s had added color. However, if you know a few helpful hair color rules, finding the right color can turn out to be a snap:

1. Know Your Dye/Do Some Product Research: 

The first thing you need to know about hair dye is: Not all hair dye products are made safe.
Permanent dyes that use peroxide penetrate the hair’s shaft and last the longest on your hair, but depending on what you use, this type of dye may not be as safe, as dyes that do not contain harsh ingredients.
There are other options which are better and healthier for your hair.
You can choose demi-permanent dye which begins to wear off after about a month to a month and a half, or semi permanent that lasts for about 6 shampoos/deep conditioned washes.
There is also the most healthy option for your hair, which is a natural or herbal dye. These types of dyes are derived from plant pigments. Another thing to take into consideration as far as self-application goes is that herbal dyes are MUCH less of a mess on clothes or the counters/floors of your bathroom. With permanent and semi permanent dyes that are mixed with peroxide, just one drop of dye on any clothing or item can leave a heavy stain.

2. Flatter Yourself/Own Your Color(s):

Your hair color is not a standalone object, as  it is a combination of other key factors of your outward appearance. With that in mind take into account the other details of your entire look that you can maximize the overall effect of your color. Thus if you pick out a color and overlook your appearance, it may be a recipe for disaster and a disappoint outcome for you.
Always look at your own overall style – ex. skin tone, eye color, hairstyle – when considering the color you initially want or have selected.  Estelle, the Color Director at the innovative online hair color company eSalon says that “sometimes clients see a hair color on a model and want to look just like that – but they don’t realize that these other factors have a lot to do with the overall effect.”
For some people, the wrong color will wash them out or clash against their skin, making them look older and tired. But if you select a flattering color that suits you, it can actually make you look younger, refreshed, rejuvenated!

3. Don’t Go Too Light:

Sometimes those with dark-haired long for that blonde, bombshell look. Unfortunately, if you have dark hair, it’s very difficult and potentially damaging to lift your color more than 2 shades.
In order to prevent damage to your hair, it’s best to use products that will safely lighten your hair 1-2 shades, depending on your color. If you’re a level 3 (Darkest Brown) and want to be a level 9 (Light Blonde), unfortunately this won’t be possible as a do-it-yourself-at-home job. Also, not many professional hairstylist would suggest, for healthy hair, that a client enhances their color more than 2 shades, understanding that it could damage the hair.

4. Don’t Go Too Dark: 

The same goes for light-haired individuals who want to go dramatically darker. Although this doesn’t cause as much damage as going the opposite way (dark to light), it’s a good idea to be cautious about making extreme changes.
If the color you picked turns out to be too dark for your liking and looks harsh against your skin, it’s much harder to lighten it back up. Instead, it’s easiest to gradually go darker shade by shade, and then stop when you reach the color you like best. For this reason, it’s recommended that you darken you hair in gradual steps until you reach a color you’re completely happy with.

5. Don’t Let Name Brands Clean Out Your Wallet:

What are you really getting for extra money spent on specialty products? Certain products may contain natural botanicals, but that may not mean better end results. Consumer Reports tested products on 1,700 ponytail samples and found that the more expensive dyes didn’t perform better than less expensive ones. What is important: Choose color treatments or dyes designed for your hair type, such as those for curly, texturized, or straight hair.

**Bonus Tip – Use Gentle Color to Cover Grays:

“Hair doesn’t only go gray as we get older — it also becomes weaker and grows more slowly. That means damaged hair won’t be snipped off as quickly by haircuts. Chemicals used on “mature” hair should be weaker to avoid damage,” says dermatologist Zoe Draelos, MD editor of the Journal of Cosmic Dermatology.

Now, are you ready for something new?


  1. Marelize Share says:

    I’m 18 I had colour die my hair. It was dark brown last year and as my hair grew so the colour grew out, its medium brown now. Now I want to try a new look and colour. I want to die my hair vanilla blonde with Garnier Nutrisse. I was blond when I was young. I want to try it because I like trying new things with my hair. *I just want to know when I colour my hair and it doesn’t look so great how long should I wait to colour it medium or dark brown again?* please help*


    • Songstress A says:

      Hello Marelize. Thank you for commenting. In reference to knowing when to color your hair, I beleive that you should ask a professional hair care stylist who specializes in hair coloring. However, the common rule of when to re-dye your hair after you’ve already had it previously colored is 4-6 weeks. But please remember, again, to ask a professional.

      I hope that you found this helpful!
      Thank you and have a wonderful day.


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