Show Your Tress Some Respect!

Need a little extra moisture and/or over-all healthier look from scalp and root, to your entire mane?

If so, you might as well fall in love with the Cherry Lola’s Treatment, CLT for short! For those who are heavily into protective styling, especially braids, we all know how dry and matted our hair can feel after being in a particular style for so long. And even after washing and moisturizing, we are still left with that SUPER drying effect our hair goes through after having been let free. Try as we may, product after product, your strands for whatever reason are still giving you attitude about how they feel like retaining some kind of water/product.. Until NOW!

What is the Cherry Lola Treatment?

Good question. The CLT is a protein treatment that aids in reducing frizz, defining and softening curls. This treatment has been testified to be a definite God-send because it does EXACTLY what it preaches.

(And this is where my previous article about Amino Acids (AA’s) comes into play)

I know we all love making things that are easy, simple and low maintenance.

The ingredients for the CLT are as follows:

1 dish to mix your ‘hairapy’ concoction in

16oz plain yogurt, like the FAGE yogurt seen below

2 tbsp Liquid Aminos, do not use soy sauce!

2 tbsp Baking Soda

Properly and precisely measure out all of your ingredients:

Mixing the ingredients should prove to be pretty simple as well. Adding the yogurt and aminos first and then stir well. Once those two ingredients are mixed together, add the baking powder (which is the fun part!) Stir the mixture and watch it become frothy and start to fizz up.

After it is all mixed the end result should be a light airy texture, rather than a thick cream. 

The application process proves to be simple and surprisingly not that messy!

I Suggest:

Sectioning your hair in four parts, thereafter applying the CLT from root to tip.

For even distribution, use a wide tooth comb  to help with the process and detangle your hair. Detangling while the mix is in your hair will really make the task of rinsing a breeze.

Let the mix sit on your head for about an hour under a plastic cap before rinsing it out.


It only takes a minute or two to rinses;  using warm water to clean-out the CLT. You shouldn’t have any residue left behind in your tress.

End Results? :

Not only do you not have to wash your hair with shampoo afterwards if you don’t want to, or just don’t have the time, but all you have to do is add in a simply moisture-sealing product throughout your curls and go! This is almost like an ultimate cole-wash or wash and go.  When I tell you that you will be amazed, I am not joking. Your kinky-curly, kinky, or coils will thank you, shining in rejoice! They will feel softer and more manageable, taking that stress away from you and your strands.

Natural Hair The Cherry Lola Treatment

And this ladies and gents, is another tip on how to treat yourself with a little extra TLC and your Tress with Respect!

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