Nothing Better Than Being Natural!

Go Natural..? But Why?
First of all.. What is “being/going natural,” anyways?

Natural (adj) – (To be) In accordance with nature; relating to or concerning nature. Anything that comes from nature or comes about with ease; meant to be or inevitable. Something that comes from nature, rather than being man-made.

In a nutshell to be “Natural” is to embrace that about the effects of the world, your surroundings, or yourself as it or you are; the way it was all intended to happen.

Going natural can be a daunting task, but you’ve already made the first step by deciding to embrace your resources and learn about what being a Naturalista is all about.

Naturalista(ism) is a personal journey, and if you are deeply embedded in the straight hair mindset, you will find the challenges can be discouraging at times, but the rewards are great if you hang in there! Now, if straight hair is what you love, by all means rock it and love it! I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that. Everyone has their own preference. But when your preference becomes what everyone else is doing in order to “fit in,” then that’s a problem.

You are here to live the life you were set to live out; not that of someone else. And as the saying goes ” being you is the best thing you could ever do!”

Let’s get to the root of the matter shall we?

Below are just some of the best things about being natural. From advice to comments, tips, and testimony’s bunched all into one blog post, on why to love and embrace the natural beauty of you hair.

1. Versatility –

One of the coolest things about going natural is how versatile it is! When relaxed, your tress is limited to the way that you can rock it. For most who aren’t experts on styling their hair, they find themselves going to a hairstylist, or throwing it  into the same old style time and time again.

Newbie Naturalistas and experts in the natural world  have seen and understand that there are so many options that one can choose when their hair in it’s chemical-free state. From long to short and somewhere in between, on any given day, you can choose to wear it kinky, curly or straight depending on what mood you’re in.

It can be made into any style you want. Literally, pick a race…and using natural products, simple techniques and the right tools the RIGHT way….you can go from Asian bone straight, European curly, Arabic wavy, East Indian thick and of course back home to your own version of curly/kinky/coily.

2. Uniqueness –

Another benefit to going natural is that it’s unique. A grand population of women who haven’t seen the light are still wearing their hair with some kind of chemical treatment. So for the most part you can seize the opportunity to be the only one wearing your hair natural.

It’s really rare that you’ll see someone who’s wearing their hair the exact same way you do. Even if it does, you’ll still find that you will look completely different than that other person. Think about it! Natural hair has so many different textures. It can range from silky and wavy to coarse and kinky, and sometimes most-all of those extremes can be found on the head of one single person. Everyone’s hair does its own thing, so even if you’re wearing the same hairstyle as a fellow Naturalista, you both can look original. Give yourself the chance to shine and beautifully and uniquely stand out!

3.Healthier Happier Hair

The pro’s to natural hair keep rolling in don’t they? Ready for another one?

Numero 3: Once you learn the simple in and outs of treating your mane right, you will find that your hair has never felt-looked-and been healthier!

When wearing a relaxer, understand,  your hair is considered damaged because relaxing strips the hair cuticle, temporarily hiding the signs that your hair is indeed unhappy. With some folk, during the time that they have relaxer in their hair, the hair can seem very dry and void of proper moisture. And even though you may believe that your tress is in fairly good condition because is thick or long and lacks signs of major hair breakage, at the root, it is begging for a change!

Don’t believe me? Well, give going natural a try, even if it’s only for a few months. You will see a BIG difference within the regions of your hair and scalp. You think your hair is thick, shiny, or long now? Wait until you experience your very own hair naturally. Each and every strand of hair on your head will grow to being that much stronger, healthier, and much happier.

Elise from San Diego-Southern California had this to say on her experience in going natural:

“Before strands would break off whenever I combed it, now I would literally have to use both hands and a lot of force to break a strand. I used to get split ends religiously every 5-6 weeks when I relaxed my hair, now I don’t get split ends at all, and I can go months without trimming my hair.”

Andria from Hampton, Virginia testifies:

“Because I had to trim my hair so often my hair would stay at the same length for months when I had a relaxer. But now, in a little over a year, my hair has grown back close to the length it was when I cut it all off. And I’m sure my natural hair will surpass that length within 4 or 5 months.”

Tracey from Savannah Georgia shares:

“My scalp is completely different! It’s no longer dry and itchy and I don’t have to worry about a relaxer burning and irritating it and then leaving scabs in my head for days. My scalp is no longer being suffocated with Vaseline-type products or burned and therefore has stopped scabbing. I wouldn’t ever go back to putting those kinds of chemicals in my now beautiful hair.”

MeechyMonroe of

Cheap, Inexpensive and very Frugal 

The first few months after going natural your mind will be blown when going shopping for the right products. You will experience the thrill of an overwhelming amount of reading labels and what each and everything on the shelves entails, promising to be the perfect thing for your hair. At first you may think you have to buy a ton of expensive specialized products, but that is where you’d be wrong. If your hair is short you may feel like it lacks the ability to be fabulous and begin to use a lot of different products to style it. But the longer it gets the more you will learn to just work with your own texture. As you begin to discover more and more what your hair is all about you will  realize just how low-maintenance your mane can be to tame.

And want to know a little secret? The one MAJOR product that your hair will love the most is water! Simple enough right?

Personally the only styling products I use are a leave-in conditioner and some kind of hair oil and a good gel, which my own hair works best with!

Fall In Love With Your Own Hair All Over Again –

What is really the best part of owning, loving, and taking care of your hair? Not only will your hair love you back by being the kind of healthy and happy you want it to be, but you yourself can indulge in the experience of looking like YOU!

Right now you may be content with your hair, relaxed or else-styled. But think about it. I know you’ve noticed the smiling and gorgeous Naturalistas displayed throughout this post. Whether you may think of them as Soul-Sistas, Revolutionary Ladies, Spiritual, or even Pan African-ism Sistas, it doesn’t matter the title.  You too can find your own happiness in being natural, regardless of  the stereotypes placed on your different race or background. And when you do, you will absolutely love it! Allow your hair to possess more character, life and pizzazz that comes with being true, lye and chemical free!  Own any look you feel, from rock star-ish to regal and sophisticated; from earthy, to hipster, and even back to the straight mane you remember from your past days. (But with a straightener this time!)

I get a lot of compliments on my hair now from people who just want to tell me that they like my hair and they think it’s beautiful.

And you know what? I whole heartedly believe them because that’s exactly how I feel.

I am a Good Hair Day Series GHDS Teen! To find out more about how to show your natural-do some quality TLC, check out our Facebook here :

Embrace your natural beauty!


  1. I don’t have curly and fine textured hair like that shown above. I can’t relate to that everything, but I do digg the confidence of what you’re saying. Even though I have the most KINKIEST lol NAPPIEST mess, but I still love my hair regardless. Thank you for giving naturals a positive message for others to understand and agree with. I really do appreciate it. Love your blog by the way! Keep writing!


    • Songstress A says:

      Well love, if you could send me a picture of yourself so that I can write a better article next time around, I would be so honored. My goal is to address everyone, and if I left out people who do have your hair type, then I apologize. My hair is actually pretty hard to deal with when it isn’t braided. It is only silky and happy when it has been properly moisturized.

      So, if I may, thank you for the comment. I will use it as a building block. I truly appreciate it!


    • Mz Nick says:

      I have the kind of hair Jasmine is speaking of ……nonetheless I absolutely love it! However I wholeheartedly felt the exact same way when viewing the pictures in the article. I do love the message you are spreading……:)


  2. Songstress A says:

    Thank you Mz. Nick, I appreciate it. Your encouragement is lovely. I’ll be sure to focus more on a kinkier type of hair the next time I compose another article 🙂


  3. Dia says:

    I agree. While I do not have that hair above or the hair the young ladies spoke about, I thought, when I saw the pics that even we determine what type of natural is acceptable. And that while it is wonderful to aspire to we have to know what our own hair is like, and learn to love it and treat it with respect. Be proud in our naturality. Thank you for the wonderful article! Keep writing 🙂


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