A True Polished Musican!

New mother of twins, judge of American Idol, record making-chart topper- (just released a single titled Triumphant (Get ‘Em) ft Rick Ross)-songstress, and now on the board with OPI to release a limited edition collection of OPI polish Mariah Carey really makes you think… what has this woman not done these past few years?!

Personally, I am a huge Mariah Carey fan! Have been since I was 5yrs old upon hearing “When You Believe,” the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey collaboration for The Prince of Egypt; the biblical interpretation of the story of Moses.

Through the years I’ve followed the news and highlights about the starlet, enjoyed the songs released throughout her music career, and watched as she’s blossomed into the woman, wife, and mother she is today. (As well as actress, artist, designer, entrepreneur, mentor, record producer and else-more).

A few hours ago OPI and Carey’s publicist announced that the singer-songwriter will be teaming up with nail lacquer giant OPI on a limited edition collection that will come out for the very brand new year on January 2013.

OPI’s Suzi Weiss Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director of OPI, had this to say in regards to Mrs. Cannon joining her company’s forces. “OPI is thrilled to work with Mariah, an industry icon who loves nails and considers lacquer one of her favorite accessories.” “With her magnetic personality both on and off the stage, Mariah serves as a great inspiration for beautiful, bold colors.”

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