Elle Varner’s Time to Shine: Debut Album – Perfectly Imperfect

It would be restrictive to compare Elle Varner to Chrisette Michele and Jazmine Sullivan, but the parallels are inescapable. As a well known Naturalist, with her predecessors’ debuts, Perfectly Imperfect sounds like the promising work of a phenomenal singer and songwriter. One who co-composes and co-produces her material, as well as one who is on her third or fourth album. There are vocal similarities, too. Varner’s delivery is magnetizing with a slight rasp and internally recognized beauty. Though she’s neither as jazz-rooted nor as showy as Chrisette of a songstress, and never goes in the red like Jazmine, Elle holds her own resounding reputation for releasing talent-explosive tunes that upon listening, are literally impossible to get out of your head.

After a couple spins of Perfectly Imperfect — principally made with young bucks Andrew “Pop” Wansel and Warren “Oak” Felder, along with some assistance from Varner’s father, Jimmy — her individuality pokes through.

Elle Varner unmasked the official tracklist for her hotly anticipated debut album ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ a few months before it’s release date this month. ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is preceded by all three singles, the J. Cole-assisted ‘Only Wanna Give It to You’, ‘Refill’ and ‘I Don’t Care’. The album dropped in stores on August 7th and hasn’t stopped bustling with mass purchases and downloads since.

Through her lyrics and sound she continues to inspire woman around the world, regardless of race or background how to overcome heartbreak and find love, how to have the right about of attitude about the right things, and to recognize that we are beautiful by our own definitions.

Be sure to give Elle your undivided listening-ears. I promise. It is well worth it!


1. Only Wanna Give It to You (Ft. J. Cole)
2. Refill
3. Sound Proof Room
4. I Don’t Care
5. Not Tonight
6. Leaf
7. Oh What a Night
8. Stop the Clock
9. Welcome Home
10. Damn Good Friends
11. So Fly


  1. […] Elle Varner’s Time to Shine: Debut Album – Perfectly Imperfect (songstressa.wordpress.com) […]


  2. […] Elle Varner’s Time to Shine: Debut Album – Perfectly Imperfect (songstressa.wordpress.com) […]


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