Debuting Model: Jasmine Tookes

Allow me to present the young, beautiful, and talented Ms. Jasmine Tookes. Standing at 5’9, the recently turned 20 year old and Huntington Beach, CA native possess a look that’s unforgettable, an insatiable passion for photography, and interestingly is a very important political figure in her family tree.

Having begun her modeling career on the commercial side of the industry, landing ad spots for companies like Gap and UGG in the year 2010, she began to spread her wings into next year, booking a lucrative spot for DKNY’s 2011 Spring Campaign. Soon after followed her featuring in Italian Vogue and made her way onto some of the world’s finest runways. With a beautiful mixture of European, African, Brazilian, and West Indian ancestry, Jasmine found herself modeling for the Spring 2012 collection for Calvin Klein and Jason Wu in New York, followed by Tom Ford in London, Prada and Versace in Milan, and Miu Miu in Paris.

In her exclusive interview with Modelinia, she opens up about her career and personal life. Softly astounding fans and readers in how down-to-earth she’s remained, with fame wrapping her in it’s fingertips.

Here’s a bit of her interview with Modelinia:

What do you miss about your hometown?

What I miss the most about Huntington is living about two miles away from the beach with my family. I used ride my bike down to the beach with my little Yorkie Sofi.  I miss the weather the most. It’s going to take a while to get used to this crazy NYC weather; I’m a Cali girl.

You’re just turned 20 years old – tell us 3 things you want to experience within the next 15 years.

Within the next 15 years I’d love to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, travel the world and have my own lingerie/bathing suit line.

If modeling wasn’t a possibility for you, what career would you choose to pursue?

Photography! I absolutely love taking pictures!  I actually just bought one of those BIG cameras; it’s awesome!

Tell us about how you were discovered.

Well my mom is a celebrity stylist, so occasionally I’d go shopping with her; basically her little assistant. One day she was pulling from a show room and the lady working there said “You need to go meet my friend Omar Alberto.” Turns out he loved me! From then on my modeling career started!

How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to wear a lot of black clothes, but in the summer I’m all about the bright colors! My style changes quite often. Some days I have an edgy look or colorful sundresses and other days I just have a simple outfit like jeans or leggings and white  top. I’m all about comfort!

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