Ten Essential oils that can be used as Hair Oils:

Some of you new Naturalistas out there are still trying to grasp the concept of understanding which oils are made to do what and when. So I’ve taken the liberty of making a quick list of my favorites to help keep you strong on your natural voyage!

Most Penetrative: Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the only oil with the ability to completely penetrate your hair shaft. Meaning it works best without water, and can be used simultaneously as a moisturizer and a protective oil. Many naturals use this oil as a pre-poo to preventhygral fatigue. Coconut oil is amazing when it comes to preserving the natural proteins within your strands.

Most Protective: Grapeseed Oil

Are you a curly or kinky-curly kinda gal or guy who loves to straighten your hair? Grapeseed Oil is your one stop solution! With it’s high smoke point at 450F, Grapeseed Oil can protect your strands from most blow-dryers, flat-irons, and hotcombs. A little goes a long way, thus you can be sure this miracle oil will stick around for awhile, and your straight hair along with it.

Most Beneficial Essential: Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a heaven’s blessing and a panacea I swear by. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and great for circulation, Tea Tree Oil is found in many natural shampoos and other natural remedies. Even products containing a small amount of this oil usually work wonderfully because of Tea Tree’s extreme cleansing properties. If you get build up on the scalp, this oil will fix it in a jiff!

Most Bang For Your Buck: Avocado Oil

I know what you’re going to say— avocado like the fruit? Yes love, even AVOCADO is good for your hair, as well as your skin and body as a whole. If you’re up for the challenge, using avocado oil as a hotoil treatment can drastically reduce frizz, breakage and tapering! Avocado oil contains protein so it will help rebuild your strands bit by bit.

Most Stimulating: Peppermint Oil

If you like to “feel” your products at work, just add a little bit of Peppermint Essential Oil and you’re good to go. Peppermint has all the benefits of Tea Tree with the added cooling and tingling sensation you’ll experience. Add to your shampoo, conditioners, moisturizer, homemade-baking soda toothpaste, or just rub a little on your scalp to increase circulation and the possibility of healthier growth.

Most Hair Growth: Jamaican Black Castor Oil / Castor Oil

Veterans and newbies alike would bet their life’s savings on this oil! I have a few friends who groove to the natural way of living, and thanks to this oil and their own personal habits, have achieved a good .75-1 inch a month in length for their tress. And not to mention Castor Oil is known best for softening your strands without adding buildup to the scalp or your ends. Detangling made easy!

Most Balancing: Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil mimics hair’s sebum in a way other oils are unable to. For those that don’t know sebum is what gives our hair its coating, shin, luster and… well everything! If you’re a kinky or curly girl you may notice our hair isn’t quick to get oily as compared to our straight haired counterparts. This is because sebum often gets trapped above our hair’s various twists and turns. Depending on who you are your ends may be left dry and crunchy due to this lack of lubrication. If you’re wearing of oily residue try jojoba oil! It gives all the moisture benefits of the above oils whilst maintain a dry and natural feel. It’s got wonderful softening qualities too!

Most Pleasant Smelling: Vanilla Oil

This oil doesn’t do as many wonders as the oils listed prior or the one one you’re about to read about next for the skin and hair, but it smells DIVINE. And what person doesn’t want to smell wonderful? Slip a little into your conditioner or styler and you’ve got a delicious hair treat that will last the whole day.

Most Exotic: Tamanu Oil

Useful to those of you with kinky, curly or wavy thick hair and for almost twenty dollars for an ounce you’d think this oil also cured cancer. And while it doesn’t do all of that, The fact that is can be used on chemical burns makes it a welcome addition to African-American and Latina hair care or for others who chemically or heat-straighten their hair. Tamanu oil’s ability to regenerate and act as an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic make it a welcome addition to the curly hair care arsenal, particularly in protective and healing formulas for those who use heat or chemical formulas on their locks. Many of us with kinky, curly and wavy hair seek natural ingredients to help with hair growth or to stop breakage — in this area Tamanu oil shows promise. Not only is Tamanu oil recommended for skin disorders or scalp burns, but its regenerative properties make it the oil to reach for when trying to recover from hair loss. It is a wonderful aid for sisters seeking relief from brand-new, super tight cornrows, or micro-braid extensions, which often produce a burning, itching, irritating sensation on the scalp. 

tamanu oil

Most Widely Known: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We’ve all probably used this oil to cook before. No surprise that it’s also very beneficial for your hair. It has all the benefits of Avocado Oil, all the protective qualities of Grapeseed Oil, with some of the penetrative qualities of Coconut Oil. Olive Oil also increases the tensile strength of hair by three! This oil will protect your hair from damage while giving enhance natural thickness and shine. Above all, it’s pretty cost effective for the amount you’ll get upon purchase and use.

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