Cat Fight!

Through the ages we’ve had our small share of Wonder Womans and Supergirls; this is true. But Catwoman?


Did you know that the casting of Catwoman has been more popular and relevant than any other heroin in our history of superhero action movies?


From the theater’s very popular and latest movie, The Dark Knight Rises, screened across the nation since 12am this morning; continuing into today, all the way back to the late 1960′s when the first of her kind was created for a movie, Catwoman has been swiftly scaling the ladder in being one of the most admired superheros/villains of Marvel fans and viewers alike.



Beginning from our latest leading female feline, to the one who started it all, who is your favorite Catwoman of all time?


Anne Hathaway – The Dark Night Rises (2012)




Halle Berry – Catwoman (2004)



Michelle Phieffer – Batman Returns (1992)



Lee Meriwether – The Batman (1966)


Eartha Kitt – Batman (The Show/Series) (1960s)


Julie Newmar (The Batman Show/Series) (1960s)

Julie Newmar

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