Box-Box to the Top

Not your typical teenager, at age 16 Marlen Esparaza was winning her first national boxing title.
Instead of reminiscing on possible past quinceaneara memories or hanging out with friends, buying fancy clothes and shoes, Marlen was saving her footwork for inside the boxing ring.

Now age 22 and five national championships later, this native Houston Texan, who is newly signed as a spokesperson for Cover Girl cosmetics and featured in this month’s July issue of Vogue, Marlen is working her way to the top of her career as a famous Latina boxer.

Men have been participating in boxing at the Olympics since the games began in 1904. This year, however, will be the first year that women’s boxing will be part of the Olympic games. Marlen Esparza is the first American female boxer to qualify for the London Olympics.
Talk about impressive!

Through the years, instead of socializing on social media networks, hanging out with friends, and scarfing down all the scrumptious foods people enjoy from day-to-day, Esparaza was spending her life dedicated to the gym, daily denying herself Starbucks treats in substitution of protein foods, fruits and veggies.

Now awaiting this summer’s 2012 Olympics in London (24 days in counting) Marlen is training harder more than ever, (if that’s even possible) in preparation to debut herself as one of the leading ladies representing America in Woman’s Boxing.

Watch this amazing young woman and others like Natalie Coughlin (swimming) and Allyson Fleix (Track), write history and highlight what strong and dedicated women we can all be.

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